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The foundation that kiln furnace designs
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When engineers of pottery and porcelain are discussing kiln furnace and its performance issue, often mix to quality of the crop of kiln furnace, product firing the problem such as cost expresses dissatisfaction. Actually, make come for years engineers are in the oversight in discussing a very serious problem, that is the design of kiln furnace.

When designing kiln stove, general need considers two issues: The material that is kiln body itself pledges and the problem of the respect such as the structure; 2 be to the product that be burned conduct heat problem. Self-evident, no matter kiln body is built how solid, should burn the product that give only bad also be otiose. Accordingly, the ignored when designing kiln stove conducts heat to what be tasted by fire the problem is a gross error, because conduct heat to the goods that be burned,be the sole purpose that constructs pit.
The utility of kiln is fire a specific products, but almost everybody's proper to the lack of this one utility of kiln understanding. A lot of kiln furnace wright think the utility of kiln is the recipient that for fire a large number of goods offer a be heated. The person that a lot of kiln furnace are used also hold this kind of viewpoint.

Each goods inside kiln must get equal heat treatment. If goods is in,modelling, norms and weight respect are close to more, so the average quality of goods can be jumped over tall. Which goods be heated is evener, which goods is in firing quality is higher. The temperature of whole kiln furnace is evener, what the system of ownership inside kiln tastes is firing quality is higher also. Those considered to heat appropriately in the design the kiln furnace of means, always conduct heat than considering the kiln furnace of the principle is better with.

Although everybody is willing to be cost more on kiln furnace equipment, but the profit enough that place of high quality product gets offsets higher installation cost. In fact, as cheap as those the goods photograph that equipment produces is compared, the facility cost that fine installation spends on every goods is lower.

Express the 1 comparison that is modern kiln furnace and traditional kiln furnace. Data makes clear, the productivity of new-style kiln furnace rose 50% . Using even identical and as firing as traditional kiln furnace use below periodic circumstance, the use charge of new-style kiln furnace is inferior still also. When be like the manufacturing efficiency according to new-style kiln furnace to use, not only what its unit heavy system of quantities tastes is firing cost was reduced 20% , and place yield also rose 50% .

Express the comparison of furnace of 1 traditional kiln and new-style kiln furnace




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