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New-style kiln mouth is pouring the function of makings and use
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Position of cement kiln opening, expose in air, and the protection that lacks stable kiln skin, bearing the influence that the many sided such as chemical, physics, machinery mars an element. Blame in order to suffer multiform alkaline erode: If grog of high temperature cement, alkalify closes matter, inside 2 empty air current of alkaline volatile erode, bring about line system craze, flake, and carbonado kiln, warm up, leap of temperature of refrigeration stopping kiln, bring about hot facing blast to crack, all affect the service life of line system. So, use pouring makings is very slashing.

So kiln of 2500 tons of cement all uses corundum qualitative kiln mouth is pouring makings, appear very easily scamper cracks a phenomenon, we are aimed at the use characteristic of use user, reach make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, with respect to kiln mouth pouring makings undertook reforming, mouth of the kiln after its are improved is pouring expect 3h of 1500 ℃ × , intensity of the compression after heat treatment amounts to 135Mpa, general wave motion is in kiln mouth temperature between 1100-1400 ℃ .

The kiln mouth after classics is improved is pouring makings have the following advantage:

1, pass square grain grading, pouring makings density increases significantly, construction body strength rises greatly.

2, used fireproof data " answer photograph modified " principle, add extra other people, make answer photograph material with tall aluminous alumina, because both heats up the difference of coefficient of expansion, bring about micro-crack arises on the interface of the photograph, make its have micro-crack to add performance of pliable but strong, raise the sex of caustic of wear-resisting of thermal shock stability of line system thereby.

3, after joining extra other people, the thermal stability that can improve line put oneself in another's position while, below high temperature, with reaction of the alumina in raw material, formation new mineral look, bag 裏 is all round aggregate form a diaphragm, prevented alkaline with alumina, form chemical reaction further, strengthen line put oneself in another's position significantly fight alkaline erode ability.

According to our experience that offer money, general dosage of mouth of kiln of kiln of 1500 tons of cement is controlled in 5 tons, and dosage of mouth of kiln of kiln of 2500 tons of cement is in 5-8 ton, saying well and truly should be 7.5 tons.

So, choose kiln mouth pouring when makings, seeing its only is corundum is qualitative good, want to be decided according to the use condition of kiln mouth. Choose the material Mo Laishi that has tenacity definitely to pledge certainly pouring makings had better, because, mo Laishi can be all round aggregate produce a diaphragm. Just most suit extremely extremely cold erode hotly.