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Steel-making uses the basic function of fireproof material
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Steel-making basically has the following sides with fireproof material:

1) converter uses fireproof data
At present bedding face of mouth of the furnace cap of converter, tapping, around, bath and hearth all use magnesian carbon brick; Trunnion and position of broken bits line use brick of high strenth magnesian carbon.
Content of the MgO in magnesian carbon brick is 70 ~ commonly 75 % , black lead content is 16 ~ 20 % , bulk density is 2.8 ~ 2.9g/cm3, compression intensity 25 ~ 30MPa.
Brick of high strenth magnesian carbon, composition is the same as magnesian carbon brick, but compression intensity is 30 ~ 42MPa.    
2) electric stove uses fireproof data
Slope of the hearth of electric stove, furnace and bath are magnesia whole knot, or the magnesia brick that uses magnesian carbon brick and tar pitch band; Heat and division of broken bits line, use brick of carbon of high grade magnesium; Two side and tapping El are magnesia brick, chromic magnesia brick at the door furnace; Electric stove furnace lid is tall aluminous brick or tall aluminium does not bake bricks.
Electric stove of 3) freeboard power uses fireproof data
The permanent line of freeboard power electric stove is magnesian stone, column of furnace door side is magnesian chromic brick, broken bits line is magnesia brick, heat area is magnesian carbon brick, furnace wall is magnesian carbon brick, prejudicial bottom and bath are magnesia brick, tapping mouth is magnesian carbon brick, electric furnace lid is tall aluminous brick, tapping aperture filling is inserts of tall iron dolomite.
4) open-hearth furnace uses fireproof data
Room of open-hearth furnace fusion is formed by wall of hearth, around and roof, the fireproof data that its use has: Brick of light qualitative clay, clay brick, magnesia brick, and roof uses the high grade and basic fireproof data such as chromic magnesia brick and magnalium brick.
From the job of all sorts of steel-making furnace the state can see, the working environment of fireproof material is very abominable, accordingly, no matter what use fireproof material, must have the following property:

   (1) is high temperature resistant, have taller fireproof degree.
(2) is high temperature resistant of molten steel and slag erode and erode.
(3) steel-making furnace works for intermittence, ask fireproof material has good heatproof shake gender and fight flake quality.
(4) has higher mechanical strength, can bear to bend of body of heater is moved and load charging pound action and do not damage.