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Ball clay and common sense of foundation of magnesian qualitative clay
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Ball clay

Ball clay is the earliest it is to point to plasticity extremely strong, grain disperses subtly, easily in water, white of the Huang Huo after burning, as accrete as lignite aluminous silicate deposit is mineral. Ball clay was in England to discover above all 1680, for mount carriage is carried when exploitation, the sphere that rolls its to make an appointment with 33 pounds again is dry, reason becomes ball clay. The name originates England.

Ball clay has discovery in on the world a lot of places, of England and United States relatively famous. Our country also discovered the ball clay ore deposit with good quality in last few years, general Cheng shallow ash goes to ball clay black gray, also have Cheng white, the Cheng after burning is light and as different as kaolin. Chemical composition: The chemical composition wave motion of ball clay is bigger, alumina 17 - 35, oxidation silicon 45 - 74, but content of titanium of its ferric oxide, oxidation normally kaolin of apparent prep above, ferric oxide is in 1 - 1.6, oxidation titanium 1 - 1.4. Dimension of our country Guangxi collect content of ferric oxide of clay of ball of and other places is inferior, the half is less than 0.7, it is clay of high grade ball. Mineral composition: Of ball clay main and mineral it is kaolinite, less important and mineral to cheat stone, Ailuoshi (much water kaolinite) reach Yilishi, micaceous, quartz and organic often also appear like lignite character. In commercial practicable in ball clay, main and mineral content is: Kaolinite 20 % - 95 % , yi Lishi 5 - 45. Quartz 1 - 70. The majority in Nanning ball clay is the kaolinite that do not have foreword, content is in quartz 2. Foreword kaolinite, mica does not have in British ball clay kind mineral it is with the scale of quartz 4: 2: 1. Yi Lishi also calls Shui Yun the mother, by micaceous Xiang Gaoling stone (or cheat stone) transfer child, say exactly to be mica kind clay mineral. Ball clay middling sees have a few Yilishi - cover fund of the layer between stone advisory or cheat stone. They make argillaceous granule increases and raise plasticity, wet base intensity also increases, but dry systole also greatens, in cheating stone, contain a few iron, influential to the after burning color of the product. Investigator thinks, a few Yilishi or micaceous consist in are advantageous in ball clay use value. Granuality composition: No matter still be carried out from theory in, the granuality of ball clay always should be mixed than saggar kaolin is fine. Granuality is subtle it is ball clay plasticity the premise with good, low firing temperature, general grain occupies 75 % above under 2 micron. In same mining area, granule part is more, alumina content is higher. Plasticity is the property of the most important physics of ball clay. Fireproof material is ball clay to be more than saggar to be more than kaolin with plasticity order of clay. The plasticity index of ball clay is bordering on commonly or be more than 20 % , and saggar and kaolin are less than 20 % normally. The firing temperature of ball clay is inferior, begin agglomeration from 1200 degrees commonly, but agglomeration range is wide, can achieve normally 150 - 200 degrees, this is the another important characteristic of ball clay, clay of union of fireproof to using as material is particularly important. Of ball clay fireproof degree can be more than 1580 degrees, also can be less than, but be in normally 1610 - 1770 between. The exploitation method of ball clay has open air have subterranean mine, why to plant exploitation method depends on the dip of the deepness of ledge, deepness of quality of ply, grade, overburden and ledge, use opencast working for the most part, cost is low, better to quality use underground to extract. Ball clay is used extensively at ceramics industry, fireproof data industry is many also try out, pound especially dozen of makings, pouring makings and but plastic, because of these adventitious fireproof material by construction hind, want to retain strength before use, because resemble ball clay,such bond that has tall plasticity and dry strength often is used at raising indeterminate form the working property of fireproof material and dry intensity. Ball clay has good agglutinate capacity, 10 - the ball clay of 15 % can will 85 - the blame plasticity stock of 90 % is united in wedlock together. Often use at content of a few grog the advanced and fireproof material of to calcine of course of tall or major raw material, if brick of slide of compact clay brick, high grade goods of tall aluminous brick, Mo Laishi, corundum goods, chromic corundum is mixed,carborundum goods is mixed fireproof kiln is provided etc. Fireproof material is in commonly with argillaceous quantity 5 - 25 % .
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