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Gas happening furnace job principle
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Gas happening furnace job principle is produce for raw material with coal gas, for lighting the device that air equipment uses. Coal of solid raw material is joined from roof ministry, let gas oven move to move downward, in with the aerification agent that enters from hearth (air, vapour) encounter upstream while, suffer gas of high temperature of hearth fuel layer to heat, produce physics, chemical reaction, generation is thick gas. This is thick gas (heat up namely gas) classics is thick after removing dust, can use for combustion facilities directly. Such is in gas happening a few area were formed in furnace, general we are called " layer " .
Website of Chinese kiln furnace according to gas happening the program that process of the aerification inside furnace has, can will produce the part inside furnace to be 6

1) layer of grey broken bits; 2) oxidation layer (call fire the layer again) ; 3) reductive layer; 4) dry distillation layer; 5) dry layer; 6) empty layer; Oxidize among them layer and reductive layer a general designation is reaction layer, dry distillation layer and dry layer a general designation prepares a layer for coal material.
(1) layer of grey broken bits:
Grey broken bits arises after coal burns, form layer of grey broken bits, it is in those who produce heat most bottom, enclothe on furnace fine-toothed comb.
Its main effect is: A protects furnace comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb and jellaba, make they are not burned out by the high temperature of oxidation layer; Agent of B warm-up aerification, after aerification agent is entered from hearth, undertake heating up exchange through layer of grey broken bits above all, make thermal drop of layer of grey broken bits small, aerification agent temperature is elevatory. Layer of C grey broken bits still had cloth wind effect, the aerification agent of intromit distributings equably as far as possible inside the chamber of a stove or furnace.
(2) oxidation layer:
Also call combustion layer (igneous layer) . The oxygen in the aerification agent that rises from inside grey broken bits and carbon produce severe inflammation and generate carbon dioxide, emit much quantity of heat. It is one of main area in aerification process, its basically react is:
CO2 of C O2 →
The height of oxidation layer is all fuel commonly piece spent 3-4 times, it is 200 millimeter commonly. The temperature of aerification layer should be less than the grey melting point of coal commonly.
(3) reductive layer:
In oxidation layer above it is reductive layer. The carbon of glow has the oxygen in very strong capturing oxide and to it the competence of chemical combination, it is so in reductive layer, carbon dioxide and vapor by carbon reductive mix into carbon monoxide hydric. This one also gets a name because of this, call reductive layer, its basically react for:
2CO of CO C →
H2 CO of H2O C →
CO2 2H2 of 2H2O C →

(4) dry distillation layer:
Volatilize coal mediumly namely portion, the CmHm compound depart that after the course heats, the material such as tar produces comes out, next reentrance is reductive have chemical reaction, its are highly 200 thick
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