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What is fiber of pottery and porcelain
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Fiber of pottery and porcelain is heat insulating materials of convention of a kind of part, fireproof material good performance the fiber shape at an organic whole pledges gently fireproof material. Its product involves each field, apply extensively at each industry department, it is to raise industrial kiln furnace, heat the hot equipment such as device heats up industry performance, implementation structure is light-duty change and energy-saving fundamental material.

Main and chemical component:

SiO2: 45%-55%
AL2O3: 40%-50%
Na2O K2O:0.2-0.5%

Fiber of pottery and porcelain is shape of a kind of fiber light simple fireproof stuff, have weight good, heat conduction leads light, high temperature resistant, thermal stability low, specific heat is small reach be able to bear or endure machinery shakes wait for an advantage, carry in mechanical, metallurgy, chemical industry, oil, traffic consequently, shipping, electron and light industry branch received wide application, the application that waits for advanced science Technical Division in aerospace and nuclear energy also increasingly grow in quantity. Development foreground very value. Fiber of pottery and porcelain starts in our country later, but maintaining the momentum that develops continuously all the time, productivity increases ceaselessly, realized range of products to change, our country already developed become fiber of world pottery and porcelain to produce big country.

Current situation of fibrous of pottery and porcelain reachs development trend

Be in early 1941, the United States the company uses Babukaoke Weierkaokesi natural kaolin is blown into fiber of pottery and porcelain via the gush after melt of electric arc furnace. 20 centuries 40 time later period, the United States has two companies to produce siliceous aluminium to fasten fiber, use its the 1st times at aviation industry. Enter 50 age, fiber of pottery and porcelain throws industrialized production formally already, arrived 60 time, already developed development to give fiber of a variety of pottery and porcelain, begin to be used at the mural line of industrial kiln furnace. The whole world appeared 1973 after energy crisis, fiber of pottery and porcelain obtained rapid development, fasten fiber with siliceous aluminium among them development is the rapiddest, grow every year with the speed of 10%~15% . The United States and Canada are big country of production of fibrous of pottery and porcelain, produced per year a quantity to achieve 100 thousand T to control, hold world fireproof fiber about year the 1/3 of total output. Crop of fiber of pottery and porcelain is located in the 3rd, produce per year a quantity to achieve 60 thousand T to control. In the fiber of pottery and porcelain that produces per year 300 thousand T, the scale of all sorts of goods is roughly: Chinese  pulling the Song Dynasty? ?5%; vacuum comes loose into template, felt and abnormity goods 25%; shape fiber cotton 15% : Material of form of adventitious of fiber of?%; of  of army of envy of ⒉ of  of  of the Song Dynasty 6% : ?% of  of the Song Dynasty.
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