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Odd paragraph of type is gas produce heat
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Odd paragraph of type is gas produce heat
1, structure of body of heater: Complete water covers a construction, it is 294KPa from force of steam pressure yield steam, can connect gas furnace to do aerification agent to use directly.
2, coal orgnaization: Use mechanical coal structure, the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient, air-tightness is good.
3, clear grey orgnaization: Use fluid drive device wet odd side divides ash. This furnace feed in raw material, divide wind of broken bits, cloth even, manipulate stability of handy, production, key
The section is convenient, move reliable.
4, often press fixed bed gas happening furnace, general with lump anthracitic or soft coal and coke for raw material, with vapour or vapour and airy gas mixture
Make aerification lotion, production is mixed with carbon monoxide hydric the aerification to basically can light composition is gas.
5. is odd paragraph of type is gas the ministry coal kind that produces furnace to use:  twinkling grand? and poriferous ministry coal implement
The partition of layer of the fuel inside gas furnace

1 - dry layer 2 - dry distillation layer 3 - reductive layer 4 - oxidation layer 5 - layer of grey broken bits

The aerification of solid fuel reacts, the characteristic branch that by the production inside gas furnace the process has is 5, dry layer -- in fuel
Layer coping, fuel and cold coal are contacted, the moisture in fuel is able to evaporate; Dry distillation layer -- below dry layer, as a result of temperature condition and dry distillation furnaceSimilar, fuel sends raw or cold food to decompose, give off volatilize cent and other carbonization child become coke, coke turns into aerification layer to undertake cold chemistry reacts by dry distillation layer; Aerification layer -- the main area of process of the aerification inside gas furnace, the charcoal in fuel and aerification agent produce intense chemical reaction in this area, in view of insteadShould of the condition different, aerification layer still can be divided for oxidation layer and reductive layer.

(1) oxidation layer: Carbon is mixed into carbon dioxide by the oxygen oxidation in aerification agent carbon monoxide, give off much cold capacity. Place of gas cold chemical response
Needed cold amount relies on this to maintain. Oxidation layer temperature is maintained commonly in 1100 ~ 1250 ℃ , this decides the discretion at melting point of raw material coal ash.
(2) reductive layer: Reductive layer is to create the district that basically can burn gas, cold carbon of carbon dioxide and bright is effective, undertake cold chemistry reacts suction, production
Combustible carbon monoxide; Cold carbon of vapor and bright undertakes cold chemistry reacts suction, generate combustible carbon monoxide and hydric, absorb at the same time many cold.
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