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Highest vacuum is the quantitative class of 10-14 Tuo
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Vacuum technique application is wide, a lot of contemporary instruments, if the electron microscope, accelerator, mass spectrograph acquisition that must rely on high vacuum will work effectively, many process are little also not vacuum technique, the preparation of the extract of the production that is like valve, semiconductor, single crystal and organic synthesis.

Say intensity of pressure is more than 10-3 Tuo commonly (the unit that vacuum spends, the intensity of pressure of mercuric column of Tuo =1 millimeter) low-pressure space is low vacuum, of 10-3-10-8 Tuo call high vacuum, be less than 10-8 Tuo call ultrahigh vacuum. The vavuum pump that uses different type can obtain different vacuum to spend. For example, use mechanical pump to be able to obtain 10-1 one 10-4 Tuo; Use diffuse pump can obtain taller vacuum, can amount to 10-6 commonly one 10-7 Tuo; Use ionic pump, can obtain ultrahigh vacuum, amount to 10-8 Tuo or lower atmospheric pressure. Still have a kind of cryopump, it is to use extremely low temperature to make aeriform condensation, next the gas condensation from the eliminate in the system. The limits that this kind of pump works is 10-3 Tuo arrive under 10-10 Tuo. It has the microtherm face of one condensation gas, most cryopump is to use helium to cool of microtherm surface. Diffuse pump, ionic pump cannot pump the gas that removes an atmosphere directly, the ability when 10-3 Tuo vacuum must be amounted to to begin the work after mechanical pump action. Because this is mechanical,pump says again " before class pump " .

The highest vacuum that obtains artificially on the world at present is the quantitative class of 10-14 Tuo. The J · Thomson that this one record is You Wosen research center creates at mechanical firm was being used in international business in October 1976. The temperature of uses microtherm system can fall one 269 ℃ (- 452 ° F) . To spend some perceptual knowledge to the vacuum of 10-14 Tuo, can make an example. Set aeriform element to be like baseball size, it is 1 in the distance between the element below standard atmosphere. Spend when vacuum when amounting to 10-14 Tuo, decrease as a result of what the element counts, make the distance between the element turns into 50 miles. The pressure of this and interstellar space is about the same. On sea level, every are cubic in atmosphere centimeter have 3 × 1019 elements, and in interstellar space probably every are cubic centimeter still be less than 10 elements. Accordingly, every are cubic in the ultrahigh vacuum in 10-14 Tuo centimeter cannot find 10 members!