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Two paragraphs of type are gas produce heat
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Two paragraphs of type are gas producing heat is to be aimed at sheet paragraph type is gas produce heat. Odd paragraph of type is gas produce furnace efficiency inferior, coal tar is bitumen qualitative tar in the splitting decomposition below high temperature, with gas medium dust is jumbly together, light precipitation jams inside conduit conduit, consequently this kind of traditional odd Duan Lu is applied to only carry a distance shorter, ask to fuel not high kiln heat reachs industrial furnace. What odd Duan Mei enrages furnace to produce is gas medium tar already high temperature splitting decomposition, cannot catch with report implement cleared, purify gas user to using consequently, its craft must use a large number of water to come catharsis is purified gas, phenol is contained in catharsis water kind material and form contaminative problem easily to the environment all round.

Two paragraphs of type are gas produce heat cent upside and issue Duan Mei to enrage exit, above all coal enters furnace via two groups of a powerful person leaving coal from roof bunker inside, coal is in dry distillation paragraph the course is sufficient dry with dry distillation, form gradually half anxious, enter aerification paragraph, blazing half anxious in aerification paragraph the aerification agent that rouses with hearth reacts adequately, reductive layer, oxidation layer undertakes vaporization inside course furnace, by furnace bar drive from grey basin automatic eduction grey broken bits, coal is in the process of dry distillation, will volatilize the analysis is born into upside carbonization gas, 40% what occupy total coal tolerance about, its calorific value is higher (7400KJ/NM) , temperature relatively bottom (120 ℃ ) , contain many tar. This kind of tar is microtherm carbonization child, its liquidity is better, can use electric dust collector to catch collect to rise, as industrial chemicals and fuel. In aerification paragraph, blazing half anxious pass with vaporization agent oxidation, reductive those who wait for a series of chemical reaction to generate is gas, call Duan Mei to enrage, 60% what occupy total coal tolerance about, its calorific value is relatively inferior (6000KJ/NM) , temperature is higher (450 ℃ ) , because coal is in dry distillation paragraph microtherm carbonization time is enough, enter aerification paragraph coal already became half anxious, what generate consequently is gas and basic do not contain tar. Dust catcher of tornado of bottom and gas classics, wind is cold implement wait for equipment to undertake removing dust dropping in temperature entering cold implement, gas and as confluent as upside enter report to catch light oil implement get be depuratived further, assured to purify gas quality, satisfied the need that the user produces.