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Gas happening explanation of heat technique noun
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1, bed of air current of fixed bed fluid-bed

Flow up continuously when the fluid when passing solid grain layer, as the accretion of fluid velocity of flow, bed layer will present 3 kinds of different position, secure fluid-bed and bed, air current bed namely.

Secure a bed: In fluid velocity of flow inferior circumstance falls, solid grain fall asleep, the fluid is passed in the aperture between grain only, bed layer height basically keeps changeless, at this moment bed layer calls fixed bed.

Fluid-bed: When the rate that carries bed layer when the fluid rises to be nodded to some gradually, grain appears become loose, the hole between grain increases, bed layer bulk appears expand. If go further,raise fluid rate, bed layer will cannot maintain fixed bed position. Right now, grain is all suspension in the fluid, show quite irregular movement. As velocity of flow rise, the motion of grain jumps over aggravate intense, of bed layer expand to also increase subsequently, but grain still lingers to be inside bed layer and be not given by fluid belt. This kind of condition of bed layer and liquid state likeness call fluid-bed.

Air current bed: Raise fluid velocity of flow to come exceed some drop, bed layer is irretentive already liquefaction condition. Upper bound range occurs no longer, solid grain is dispersive suspension in the fluid, begin to go out by fluid carry secretly. This is solid grain flows dispersedly, as similar as photograph of aeriform particle flow. The bed layer that is in this kind of condition calls air current the bed.

2, aerification is gas

Put raw material coal or coke industrial heat (produce furnace, water gas furnace to wait) in combustion, connect air, vapor, generate can light gas to be aerification namely with what carbon monoxide and hydrogen give priority to gas.

3, dry distillation is gas

Put coal in industrial furnace (Jiao Lu and Wu Delu) in isolation air heats, the process that coal happening changes physico-chemically calls dry distillation. Dry distillation arises can light gas to return the chemical product such as attainable tar, ammonia, crude benzole via purifying processing, the rest inside the furnace after dry distillation is coke.

4, produce heat gas

Use gas happening furnace makes solid fuel changes generated flammability gas fuel to produce heat namely gas. Those who press aerification agent category is different, produce heat vital energy to divide again: Air happening furnace water gas, oxygen boosting is gas, gas, mix produce heat gas.

5, air happening furnace is gas

Gas happening in furnace, regard the aerification of coal as the agent with air, of generation gas say air happening furnace is gas. Air happening furnace is gas and calorific quantity on the low side, and because produce furnace furnace temperature,still make frit of grey broken bits writtens guarantee easily higher, reason is used rarely on industrial furnace.

6, water gas

Gas happening in furnace, regard aerification as the agent with water vapour, of production gas weigh water gas. Water gas calorific value is high, but because produce furnace thermal efficiency low, gas cost is mixed high equipment is sophisticated and cannot use extensively, just give in the chemical industry that has special demand use.
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