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Fireproof data company is dustproof regulations
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This standard stipulated fireproof data company concerns dustproof main provision and integrated and dustproof measure.

This standard applies to fireproof data company dustproof design and management.

2 cite standard

The dust in air of GB5748 work place determines method

3 main provisions

3. 1 technological process and manufacturing facilities should take significant dustproof step.

3. 2 enterprises are introducing the craft in the project, device, should satisfy dustproof requirement.

3. 3 every are built, extend, rebuild and technical reformation project, its are dustproof measure project must be designed at the same time with main body project, at the same time construction, at the same time put into production.

3. The maintenance of 4 dustproof equipment, overhaul, production that should bring into an enterprise runs a plan; When manufacturing facilities undertakes heavying repair, dustproof equipment also must be overhauled at the same time, at the same time put into production.

3. 5 dustproof establishment, forbid to be demolished arbitrarily or move makes him use.

3. 6 should shed Cheng configuration to remove dust accordingly according to production system, in order to facilitate of dust reclaim.

3. The 7 regulations that should press GB5748 undertake dust determines.

3. 8 dust percent of pass, remove dust rate of equipment in good condition and locomotive rate, in the assessment index that should bring into industry economy technology.

Measure of technology of stage of 4 put together

4. 1 workshop is built

4. 1. 1 large and medium-sized of fireproof material factory smash workshop section, its workshop should is multilayer building.

4. 1. The floor height of 2 installation dust catcher, should make sure dust catcher upside has do not be less than 1. The headroom of 5m.

4. 1. The interior of 3 workshop building all around wall and ground level ground, should level off is smooth. Workshop a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces has water to rinse establishment.

4. 1. The hole on the floor between the layer that 4 equipment, chute, conduit crosses and wall, should leave as far as possible small, hole all around the waterproof protruding stage that should set tall 50mm.

4. 1. 5 raw material are broken, smash exercise, should with shape exercise is separated, prevent dust across pollution.

4. 1. 6 shape, dry, firing the coping that waits for workshop with oily dip exercise, appropriate sets wind-free skylight.

4. 1. Appropriate of storehouse of 7 raw material writtens guarantee to close configuration is become.

4. 2 production technology reachs device

4. 2. 1 should use mechanization, airtight change, change manufacturing technology continuously; Reduce segment of stock change trains as far as possible, reduce stock drop, shorten stock carries a distance.
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