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Carbolic steel turning machines a guideline
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Carbolic steel is metallic treatment industry " brunt " material, also be up to now the steel with cutting most treatment is planted. The steel that the United States produces has 87 % about is carbolic steel.

The feasibility of use carbon steel depends on its physical characteristic (like tensile strength, succumb intensity, fatigue intensity, impact resistance and need heat treatment) whether to suit to make some kind of part. If the character of carbolic steel can satisfy the requirement of the spare parts, most user can choose carbolic steel, it is cheaper that because of its the price compares other rolled steel.

The article aims to help the user that machines carbolic steel spare parts understand the part of all sorts of carbolic steel brands, machine efficiency in order to raise turning; Still gave out to be mixed with the cutting speed parameter that cuts rate of deep, feed to concern at the same time the hardness of cutting tool material and carbolic steel.

It is early 66 years ago, the precursory M of metallic cutting domain. Eugene Merchant and Dr. Hans Ernst had elaborated those who cut bits to form, cut quality of the attrition between bits and cutting tool, surface and metallic purify efficiency. In research, dr. Merchant used a variety of metal data, include among them 1020 mild steel and 1112 cut steel easily. Be based on many experiment, the mathematical model that Dr. Merchant built course of cutting of a metal and continue to use up to now, this model can use at designing cutting tool break bits implement.

AISI 1212 the average machinability set of steel of easy cutting carbon is 100 % , can show iron and the machinability order and degree that are not ferroalloy material with percentage. Regard standard workpiece as material with AISI 1045 medium carbon steel, undertake below formulary cutting condition turning experiments, can decide all sorts of brands but the service life of dislocation razor blade.

Carbolic steel cent is 6 kinds big: Mild steel, medium carbon steel, high-carbon steel, again vulcanization cuts steel easily, again vulcanization and farewell phosphor are cut easily steel and without vulcanization tall manganese steel (the quantity that contain manganese exceeds 1 % ) .

(1) mild steel

Mild steel (AISI 1005 ~ 1026) the quantity that contain carbon is 0.06 % ~ 0.28 % , the quantity that contain manganese is 0.25 % ~ 1 % , the quantity that contain phosphor does not exceed 0.04 % , contain sulfur content not to exceed 0.05 % . At present mild steel shares 16 standards name.

When turning mild steel, if cutting tool breaks bits implement cannot form enough cut horn greatly to make cut bits curly and face of the knife before breaking away from bit, grow with respect to meeting generation cut bits, be in but surface of dislocation razor blade generates the tumour that accumulate bits. Low speed cutting is another account that produces the tumor that accumulate bits. The tumour that accumulate bits reachs the action with outspread cutting tool since the meeting, change a spare parts to machine dimension thereby, can make be machined the surface is bright and clean spend aggravation. Below this kind of circumstance, need to raise cutting rate 15 % ~ 20 % or taller, till machine exterior quality,win improvement.
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