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Fireproof safe practice
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[promulgate time] 1989.01.14
[executive date] 1989.01.14
[promulgate article unit] metallurgical industry ministry

(on January 14, 1989 metallurgical industry ministry [89] smelt metal brings a word the 23rd article is issued)

1 general principles
1.1 happen to prevent casualty accidents, reduce dirt poison to endanger, safeguard worker safety is healthy, promote fireproof material to produce progress, make this regulations especially.
1.2 fireproof factories (or workshop) design, construction, check and accept, production and maintenance, must abide by this regulations. Do not accord with the factory of existing and fireproof material that this regulations asks, should deadline is transformed; Before was not being transformed, should make necessary safety precaution.
The leaders of all levels of 1.3 fireproof factories reachs his to be in charge of a branch, must establish system of safety production.
Factory of 1.4 fireproof material must install full-time safety orgnaization, lead directly by the factory director.
1.5 when using new technology, new technology, new facility, must enact safe technology measure, approve via the factory director.
Big censorship of 1.6 serious executive safety, the factory is checked every year twice at least, every season checks the workshop at least. To the problem of fish, should enjoin concerned department deadline is solved.
1.7 do well to be taught to the worker's safe production seriously, popularize safe knowledge, strengthen technical vocational training, decide end-of-term examination nucleus.
To special type the safe technology of work staff grooms, assessment and management, should accord with GB5306 " management of technical examine and approve of safety of staff of special type work is regular " .
After 1.8 new workers take a plant, answer to have safe education above all, classics exam is passing, appoint specialized worker to guide above of its job half an year, wait for after be familiar with this type of work to manipulate a technology, square accurate independence works.
1.9 when using new technology, answer concerned personnel to undertake grooming.
The 1.1 staff that take a plant must wear by the regulation labor protecting material.
1.11 pairs bring about personal casualty or belongings losing personnel because of disobeying this regulations, should inspect clue weight, give criticism education, amerce, disciplinary treatment respectively, till investigate criminal duty.

2 site selection and plant area are decorated
The 2.1 designs that build a plant must have data of complete geology, hydrology, weather and environment to evaluate a report.
2.2 plant area should keep away from undesirable qualitative a sector of an area. When mining area builds a plant, the site of factory must not be decorated empty area is collected to collapse in underground fall bounds and open air blow up inside dangerous area.
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