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What is Molaishi
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Mo Laishi is a series of mineral be called by a joint name that form by aluminous silicate, this kind mineral more exiguous. Mo Laishi is aluminous silicate what generate below high temperature is mineral, heat artificially the meeting when aluminous silicate forms Molaishi. What natural Mo Laishi crystal is slightness is acicular and submit radiative bunch form. Mo Laishi mine is used to manufacturing high temperature is fireproof material. Mo Laishi is Al2O3 -SiO2 n duality the binary compound that fastens middling to press next only stability to exist, chemical type is 3Al2O3-2SiO2, natural Molaishi is very little, wait for artificial synthesis with agglomeration law or electric frit law normally.

Chemical type: A1xSi2-xO5.5-0.5x

Density: 3.16g/cm3

Mohs hardness: 6~7

Fireproof degree: When 1800 ° C still very stable, c of 1810 ° is decomposed for corundum and fluid photograph

Mo Laishi is a kind of high grade fireproof material, it is had expand stability of even, thermal shock creep of tall, high temperature is worth softening point of wonderful, loading small, hardness is big, fight chemistry caustic good wait for a characteristic, basically have at present high pure electric frit is Mo Laishi of Molaishi, average report frit, round-the-clock like that Molaishi mixes agglomeration of aluminous aluminous concentrate to burn Molaishi gently.