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Pottery and porcelain makes production -- kiln provides kiln furnace data
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By fireproof material, clay and fire of porcelain base mud, outfit when burning, use at the pit that each implements segregation, matting uses, have a hammer, mat, raise circle, mat to hold in the palm, the earthen bowl end spacer of form of cake of column of tray, mat, gasket, mat, cylinder, mat, 2 feet fill up cake, pillar (common calls a dog the foot) etc.

Raise a hammer, hold small with clay or contented, porcelain clay, when china outfit is burned, overlap for implements the kiln of segregation is provided. Tang Dynasty, the implements that location of kiln of Lin Gu of foreign cropland grave comes up out of land, northen Song Dynasty builds the implements that kiln of dark green of heart bowl level ground comes up out of land to wait to all use a hammer to make segregation.

Raise mat, hold the pillar that burns implements in the palm, size is differ, for kiln of Tang Dynasty moralization main kiln is provided.

Fill up column, submit round form, annulus make, install what the top when burning holds implements in the palm to use. A kind of kiln that raises mat development to rise by Tang Dynasty is provided.

Fill up cake, circle, mid and raised, cake surface is flat, edge slightly inclined or a bit raised, use at bear the spacer that holds implements in the palm. Large cushion cake is the cake end the mat that places a circle to use. Northen Song Dynasty builds kiln of dark green of heart bowl level ground to begin to use. Times of the Southern Song Dynasty, for white porcelain embryo or yellow arenaceous embryo. Yuan acting mat cake is circle, plane. Bright, quiet period is made for thick mud. After new China holds water, dragon kiln, class kiln continues to use.

Washerbed down the livestock, only then at Northen Song Dynasty, the Southern Song Dynasty is white porcelain embryo or mouth of awn of yellow arenaceous embryo bowl answer kiln is provided. Yuan acting gasket has circle, ellipse, hold with fine mud or porcelain clay.

Support a group, begin to appear at Northen Song Dynasty, a circle of the Southern Song Dynasty for annulus control white porcelain birth, interval is made when speak or sing alternately of deep abdomen earthen bowl is burned implement. Yuan raise a circle actingly to be thick mud annulus make, straight wall, top is inclined smooth, arc is shown inside, some indentation, be answer burn a kiln of awn mouth bowl to provide. Yuan the height that era supports a group is shorter, increased to install burn density and outfit to burn a volume.

Tray, mat is held in the palm, begin to appear at kiln of dark green of level ground of bowl of Northen Song Dynasty. The Southern Song Dynasty is annulus make and become, thick arenaceous contented and mat hold combination in the palm, hold kiln in the palm to provide for powder box.

The earthen bowl end mat (墭 head) , the Southern Song Dynasty builds heart folk to begin used canister form spacer.

Saggar mat, common calls a dog the foot. Only then appear at yuan palace of acting Qu Dou takes ancient kiln location. Thick mud annulus make, show smooth edge inclined belly, average a copy and a bit inside sunken. As bear the earthen bowl end the mat that hold in the palm and props up of all kinds saggar.
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