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Nitrogen of shallow gassing body changes technology
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Ammoniac energy of life is known in turning hermetically sealed can of vacuum of the stainless steel inside furnace toward nitrogen, heat 520 ℃ , hold appropriate time, according to workpiece material pledges and hour of 3-90 of ooze layer requirement differs, make nitriding workpiece surface obtains layer of the aggrandizement that contain nitrogen, get tall hardness, tall wearability, tall fatigue limit and good wearability.

Operation method:

1. The mould before nitriding must be to pass normalizing or attune to pledge first treated workpiece.

2. Swab workpiece surface with benzine and alcohol first, must not rusty spot, smeary, dirty content exists.

3. Load furnace inside hind, screw symmetrically bolt of furnace lid impaction.

4. Connect retort and furnace lid water inlet cooling water to undertake circular water-cooling. The water outside the conduit on furnace lid covers the lower end to drink water, end is a water on, retort drinks water alone, alone catchment, all conduit can press furnace lid low establish ties into tower above principle, by one the mouth drinks water, a buccal catchment.

5. Nitrogen should send exhaust first before warming up, the discharge when exhaust should be compared when using one times bigger above.

Exhaust after 10 minutes, will accuse lukewarm appearance set to arrive 150 ℃ , heat automatically switch is dialed to, 150 ℃ heat to maintain 2h exhaust by the side of edge exhaust, will accuse lukewarm appearance set to arrive again 530 ℃ , move ammoniac throughput small, maintain pressing inside furnace, vent has the pressure on lesser gas flow direction, when furnace temperature rises 530 ℃ , 3-20h of nitriding of constant temperature constant current, move ammoniac air pressure again a bit bigger, let exhaust keep moderate pressure, nitriding 4-70h, move ammoniac air pressure again small, retreat azotic 1-2h, dump, stop to heat, give a few ammonia energy of life, make be maintained inside furnace pressing, wait for furnace temperature to fall to be able to stop to give heat for ammonia with lower part to 150 ℃ .