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Pottery and porcelain makes production -- outfit burn
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(One) traditional loading of kiln

1. Fold outfit

earthen bowl of umbrella account base one layer upon layer jackknife rises, highest can fold reach 5; the powder box that is about to burn kind wait for base substrate to be put in every dish on, every can put 3 ~ 8.

2. Answer abandon fold outfit

Although use a hammer and gasket, fold congener implements photograph, big in cover small, install in order to increase burn a volume. Or do not use a hammer and gasket, come back bowl insole ministry show circuit porcelain fetus, say for " acerbity circle " or " dry bottom " , when layer upon layer photograph folds implements, lest stick glair. Coal tub kind use mat cake to burning a law, bowl kind use fold outfit burning a law, large bowl kind use washerbed down the livestock to raise burn a law. Bottle kind put porcelain semifinished product in directly hold in the palm on. Box kind of beard first will dish earthen bowl park is held in the palm on, put box semifinished product in again dish earthen bowl all around, 1 earthen bowl places 6 ~ 8, be in next dish 1 mat is added to hold in the palm on earthen bowl, above again buy 1 dish of earthen bowl, on earthen bowl again buy porcelain base, ordinal fold outfit.

3. Suit

Be in namely large earthen bowl kind implements or bowl kind implements liner burns small-sized implements. Use speak or sing alternately to burn implements, a group is covered among.

4. Saggar is folded outfit

Put saggar on saggar mat, porcelain base is loaded inside saggar, next each is ordinal jackknife, fold all the time to kiln trivial. To avoid the adhesion when implements is burned. Cake of a mat or gasket are added among porcelain base and saggar, make porcelain base and saggar maintain certain distance. Dish, the homogeneous phase acting a way of dish, box is the same as, uses saggar sort is different. Dish, dish and a few light body implement, use earthen bowl system wide short flat bottom earthen bowl or annulet bottom earthen bowl. Bowl of bow bowstring grain uses annulus kick earthen bowl.

5. Saggar answer folds a law

Inspect jackknife of base substrate height to buckle ferrule, buy bowl of grain of one lotus valve, do not use saggar, putting the bowl at holding in the palm on, on its again answer smash semifinished product of one china bowl, device of ordinal Yang Fu, for outfit of speak or sing alternately. A few otherer light body implement, also use method of this kind of outfit. Buccal limit does not have glair (namely acerbity edge) bowl, for awn mouth bowl, use a circle to burn go to, support what pass without roast the group, put at fireproof mud cake (mat cake) on, support porcelain base park again on the circle, ordinal fold burn, call awn mouth bowl answer burns a law.

6. Saggar is burning a law

Bright, quiet period, use saggar is raised burn, burning a method namely. Blue and white porcelain, use commonly burning law and speak or sing alternately to burn a law two kinds. Bowl, dish, the implements such as the basin is folded outfit burn in saggar, 1 small box is installed 1 implement; Small-sized cup kind or small cup kind, use speak or sing alternately to burn, burn the implements of the law with speak or sing alternately, its mouth department says wide mouth.
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