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The classification of electric induction furnace
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Electric induction furnace can be divided by power source frequency for high frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace and labour frequency furnace 3 kinds; Can divide by craft purpose mix for equipment of fusion furnace, heating furnace, heat treatment solder equipment; Wait to also can undertake classified by way of its configuration, transmission. Reduce of commonly used customarily of electric induction furnace is furnace of intentional induction fusion, inadvertently furnace of inductive fusion furnace, vacuum induction fusion, induction quenchs equipment and inductive head heat up equipment to wait.

1. Furnace of inadvertently induction fusion

Of inadvertently furnace naming is relative to intentional furnace character, its metal fluid is filled in one crucible, reason renown crucible furnace. This kind of furnace fusion that basically is used at special type steel, cast-iron, nonferrous metal and its alloy and heat preservation. Inadvertently furnace has fusion temperature pollution of tall, impurity is little, alloy composition requirement of even, work is good wait for a lot of advantages. Compare with intentional furnace photograph, the furnace since inadvertently furnace and change metallic breed is easier, use more agile, but its report, thermal efficiency is far lower than intentional furnace. Inadvertently furnace because exterior temperature is low, go against the fusion of craft of slagging of requirement high temperature.

Inadvertently furnace has the branch of high frequency, intermediate frequency and labour frequency.

(1) high frequency and inadvertently furnace

Capacity of high frequency and inadvertently furnace is in 50 kilograms commonly the following, apply to what steel of fusion special type and special type alloy offer in lab and miniature production to use.

(2) intermediate frequency is inadvertently furnace

The capacity of inadvertently furnace and power compare intermediate frequency high frequency furnace is big. The fusion that basically is used at special type steel, magnetic alloy and copper alloy to wait. Because this kind of furnace needs costly frequency conversion equipment, be in so a few relatively the circumstance of high capacity already converted labour frequency is inadvertently furnace. But, compare with photograph of labour frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace also has its original place. Be like the furnace to same size, the power input of intermediate frequency furnace is bigger than labour frequency furnace, fused rate is so rapidder, intermediate frequency furnace does not need to remove furnace piece when the frit since Leng Lu, metallic juice is OK and total teem, when be being used so, than labour frequency furnace goes to the lavatory neatly; Additional, solution of furnace of intermediate frequency fusion erodes to crucible some lighter, advantageous to lining. Accordingly, after expanding the intermediate frequency power supply with cheap high-power, intermediate frequency furnace still has an outlook greatly.
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