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How to notice firing are the " wide " of limits and " narrow " ?
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Become quality to carry high fever, had decreased to burn be out of shape wait for blemish, right firing the preform with narrow range (wait like porcelain of steatitic qualitative preform, ashes of the dead) be in aptly the floor level of firing temperature limits is firing, lengthen firing the heat preservation time below temperature, to firing the preform with wide range (if be the clay of flux with potassium feldspar - feldspathic - quartz 3 constituent preform) , the upper limit that can approaching firing temperature range is firing, kiln pouring blaze is in high temperature is firing and fashionable need time of proper heat preservation, balance difference in temperature of the fluctuation inside kiln, in order to assure product quality. Of reason agglomeration limits determining basically is to make reasonable firing system.