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Kiln furnace
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The stock of to calcine of in order to that becomes with fireproof material build by laying bricks or stones or firing the equipment of goods.
Its sort is very much:
Can divide by breed of to calcine stock use kiln of kiln furnace, cement, glass kiln, enamel kiln to wait for pottery and porcelain. Former can divide by operation method for successive kiln (channel kiln) , half successive kiln and intermittent kiln.

Can divide formerly by heat for blaze kiln and electric heat kiln.
Face base substrate state to be able to be divided by heat source mix for the flaming kiln, kiln that lie between blaze the half kiln that lie between blaze.
Can divide by base substrate means of delivery to have kiln of bottom of kiln car kiln, ejector plate kiln, roller (roller path kiln) , conveyer belt kiln, the pace enters bridge type kiln and air cushion kiln to wait.
By the passageway amount can divide kiln of the passageway that it is sheet, double passageway kiln and much passageway kiln.
Fuel of furnace of general and large kiln attachs most importance to oil more, light diesel fuel or gas, natural gas.
Kiln furnace normally by facilities of firing chamber, combustion, ventilated equipment, carry the 4 parts such as equipment to comprise.
Electric kiln most with electric stove silk, silicon kryptol or 2 silicon change molybdenum to serve as calorific component. Its structure is relatively simple, the operation is convenient.
In addition, still a variety of atmosphere kiln wait.
Kiln furnace construction is reasonable, type selecting is correct, matter to the quality of the product directly, the discretion that crop and energy use up, it is the crucial equipment in production of pottery and porcelain.