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The classification of siliceous aluminous simple fireproof stuff
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Aluminous silicon fastens fireproof material is the fireproof material that constitutes for basic chemistry with Al2O3 and SiO2.

Of the mineral composition that uses raw material by place, chemical composition and manufacturing technology different, can undertake different classification. The product that natural to basically be being used raw material produces, according to how many of the Al2O3 in goods and SiO2 content, can divide it is 3 kinds:

Half silicon simple product: Al2O3 content is 15~30% ;

Paste earthy product: Al2O3 content is basis of 30 ~ 46% (the compositive characteristic of our country raw material, it is 30 ~ 48%) commonly;

High aluminous qualitative products: Al2O3 content is more than 46% (basis the compositive characteristic of our country raw material, general > 48%) .

Half silicon simple product is to use half silicon to be stuck character on, the raw material such as former unripe kaolin or candle stone is made, reason its Al2O3 content is low, do not exceed 30% . Pasting earthy product is it is main raw material with saggar, combustion of one part clay mature makings is changed expect as grain, with the part unripe clay cooperates and become. High aluminous products can use Al2O3 content to be more than the of all kinds tall aluminous raw material of 46% to be made. The basis of high aluminous products that produces with natural tall aluminous alumina of its Al2O3 content different, customarily can be divided wait for I (Al2O3 ≥ 75 %) , II (Al2O360%~75 %) , III (if the composition of chemical develop numerous other people of Al2O348%~60 %) of all kinds goods is expressed (3-1) be shown.

If goods is,be a feature with the property of main raw material, criterion goods also can name with raw material name. If be main raw material with candle stone,manufacturing goods calls candle stone the brick, the product that produces for main raw material with silicon line stone or andalusite parts brick of stone of appellation silicon line and andalusite brick. If goods uses man-made raw material (like agglomeration corundum, electric frit corundum, synthesis Molaishi) produce for main raw material, in pressing goods advocate brilliant photograph undertakes classified. If not come,stone brick, corundum not comes stone brick.