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Busy end of the upstream business purchasing ceramic refractory insulation mater
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End of the year were concentrated ceramics factory furnace maintenance time associated with the furnace refractory materials, thermal insulation materials such as cotton, the price and supply even more tense. "Recently there are ten kilns in Guangdong Enping in construction, it will use To more insulation material. During this period the price of these materials may also have some effect. "Green Fields Avenue in Foshan, the company can fire kiln boss told reporters. For this reason, many companies purchase fire-resistant insulation materials For contingencies. It is understood that the insulation on the furnace used in the general production of cotton in Shandong, Henan and Jiangxi, the quality of general prices in yuan per ton in 2000, and of good quality will have to 5000-6000 yuan per ton. Another boss also Told reporters, because they usually take the furnace works normally do, by the end of the furnace maintenance make them any less busy. Only to ensure sufficient material to make good progress.