Cupreous hill is used opportunely " rubbish the sources of energy " become usele
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A few days ago, cupreous hill city uses cement kiln to handle project of city life rubbish to be started formally. That day morning, conch group, whole world company limited and this city develop plain Qi of Japan of 500 strong companies jointly processing system of construction life rubbish reachs an agreement.

The day before yesterday of order of cupreous hill city produces vivid rubbish more than tons 380, the processing technique basically is filled with buy of simple and easy caboodle bury give priority to. The development that this city started city life rubbish to handle a project namely since 2005 and carry out, use cement of cupreous hill conch finally certainly system of agglomeration of product line of grog of new-style cement working a way, undertake rubbish burns processing. This action can solve city life rubbish to tackle difficult problem already, can burn through rubbish again change into energy, satisfy the requirement of the sources of energy that cement produces, the industrialization that also handles through rubbish develops, promote urban environment quality better.

According to project agreement, cupreous hill city just borrows money to day in all 15.5 million dollar, project financing basically is used at city life rubbish to handle project construction. Company of cement of cupreous hill conch and cupreous hill municipal government are in construction of processing system of city life rubbish undertake cooperative; Company limited collaboration of plain Qi of conch cement company and Japan has technical research and development, realize city life rubbish burn processing and energy are changed.