Conception of the 2nd the sources of energy and innovation contest final end Tsi
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Late on May 10, tsinghua university conception of the 2nd the sources of energy and innovation contest final rejoin machinist Cheng house can be fastened to hold in heat energy, 17 take part in the match the team rejoins in finals undertook in the meeting wonderful reveal, finals achievement is in fair in showing.

Yao Jiang of head of department of heat energy department attended to rejoin meeting, he affirmed conception of current energy resources and innovation contest adequately, put forward to be opposite " build culture of the energy-saving campus that decrease a platoon " let one's thought flow freely and suggest. Ni Wei fights academician to be mixed for present teachers and students take part in the match the player was made about " energy-saving decrease a platoon " thematic report. In the report, ni Wei fights academician to speak of strategy of national energy resources from the bagatelle beside everybody, pointed out the austere sex of instantly energy problem, solved the query of the audience one by one.

This second final rejoins minute of A, B two assembly rooms, commissioner and take part in the match the competition has to two assembly rooms respectively below the player guiding in the staff member. Rejoin the process is strenuous and orderly, the confused of work extraordinary splendour of each player is shown. Among them, " warm water system of house of student of Tsinghua university Chinese redbud improves plan " , " illume of viatic of Tsinghua university campus and energy-saving " , " motility energy uses a method to analyse " the value of practical, learning that because its are good,waits for work gets with innovation idea reputably.

Race site still added 2 skill kind ginseng exhibit work, coming from heat energy is " fire is cubic " of atelier " " energy-saving decrease a platoon, green lets his thought flow freely " complete set publicizes layout " give A field audience the commissioner brought perfect visual sense to enjoy; Come from " XYY " the song that the schoolgirl composes " Ing of energy-saving environmental protection " caused intense aural shock in B field.

Department of engineering of conception of the 2nd the sources of energy and heat energy of university of innovation contest You Qinghua sponsors Tsinghua university, heat energy project is student division assist undertake, association of new energy resources assist do, attracted those who come from university of department of appearance of heat energy department, environment department, Chemstry Department, spirit and Hua Zhongke ability in all 17 teams take part in the match.

Conception of current energy resources and innovation contest serve as " the energy-saving school that decrease a platoon acts " one part, aim to extend the knowledge of energy-saving environmental protection of classmates, enhance consciousness of energy-saving environmental protection, build " energy-saving decrease a platoon " campus culture, energy-saving decrease a platoon to regard as a kind of habits and customs, let popular feeling of development of consciousness of energy-saving environmental protection. The form that achieves athletics through student division at the same time develops innovation consciousness of the student and ability, raise classmates to reach capacity of relevant scientific research enthusiasticly to the interest of domain of motivation of the sources of energy, study, promote " advocate science, pursuit genuine knowledge, be brave in to innovate, meet a challenge " spirit, arouse classmates to revitalize the sense of responsibility of China.
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