The 3rd hard the sources of energy is changed greatly
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2, the changeover that the changeover of the sources of energy is a technology. From the point of the history, every time the sources of energy changes the changeover that is a technology actually greatly, it is from technology of a kind of energy changeover becomes technology of another kind of energy, without technical progress, without the implementation of new technology, appear impossibly the great transition of the sources of energy, steamer is developed with what puddling technology promoted coal and use, the development that internal-combustion engine, gas turbine promoted oil, natural gas and use. Now industry of our energy of one a complete set of, include oil well, super tanker, pipe laying, colliery, power plant, be defeated by electrical wiring, car, the train and ship are to build etc in coal, oil, on natural gas foundation, the 2nd times great transition of the sources of energy should rebuild not only energy industry, and want all using to rebuild can establishment. Tell the sources of energy the 3rd times to be changed greatly from the technology so, no matter from range, deepness will tell great transition of the sources of energy before wanting to compare two times to want arduous much. If we miss transition a few faster, ought to make great efforts on technical progress above all. Science and technology is great transition of the sources of energy the 3rd is the biggest restrict an element.

3, the way that the sources of energy changes is definite. The way that before two times the sources of energy changes is very clear, type of first time changeover is coal, the 2nd changeover direction is oil and natural gas, and the 3rd times the sources of energy changes up-to-date foreground to still blur greatly. Huang Yi of minister of raw energy department sincere in " encyclopedia of the sources of energy " say in preface: Scientists predict, after 100 years, nuclear fusion generates electricity, solar energy generates electricity and wind energy, marine can, ground heat energy, live thing is simple can wait new energy resources and but second birth the sources of energy enters consumptive arena, will offer what take amply for people not the clean the sources of energy of exhaust. "The solar energy phone with large-scale future basically will build sunny on the world area and outer space, use solar energy to take hydrogen from water medium-counts, through conduit or big tanker hydric or liquid state hydrogen carries world each district. " can be at this late hour, fast crowd and fusion caboodle still are in research process, some nuclear experts do not believe fast crowd and fusion pile can the energy problem that economic ground solves the mankind, place a hope at solar energy. But because solar energy is so tall that solar energy breathtaking charge mixes 20 centuries 70 time are defeated annulus fame, eventually in 20 centuries the solar energy flameout of the flourishing at the beginning of 90 time. What is after all? It is nuclear fusion, it is solar energy, it is hydrogen can, be can lighting ice still is a variety of the sources of energy carry the responsibility that replaces the sources of energy in all. Because direction is unidentified, is people being searched whether can more roundabout way take in replacing process of the sources of energy? Cause more huge pecuniary loss.
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