Saddle hill will invest project of new energy resources of 130 million yuan of c
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On May 10, sea city tall Tuo presses down 3 villages biology to light in full swing of site of gas station construction character, this is saddle hill city raw this year material lights gas project to begin construction the first village of construction. This year, saddle hill city will invest 130 million yuan, build raw material to light gas station 50 place, let thirty-two thousand five hundred farmers go up too " do not see smoke from kitchen chimneys rises, but hear rice sweet " the new student is vivid.

Giving birth to material to burn gas is wait for a kind of when be main raw material new-style and clean the sources of energy with core of straw, corn, rice husk. Begin from 2000, saddle hill city builds raw material aerification to center air feed to stand in succession 24, let 13 thousand farmers leave to burn the history that bavin cooks. This year, saddle hill municipal Party committee, municipal government will advance rural live thing to pledge station burning gas builds a project to bring into one of 20 real things that do for urban and rural people, build 50 place to give birth to material to light gas station, change the way of life of the farmer, improve farmer life quality.