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One, global the sources of energy is in short supply, the mankind develops face dying aircraft continuously

In human civilization the process crosses 21 centuries today, ensuring the sources of energy is supplied is a very main task in human society progress. Current, people is enjoying plane, train, ship and the huge advantage that all sorts of high-tech products bring, however, what wait for traditional fossil the sources of energy as coal, oil and natural gas is many use up, people also came into being deep crisis sense, according to each country government and expert accepted statistic is counted word, global oil is at present foregone reserve can extract about 40 years, natural gas is foregone can extract about 50 years, raw coal is foregone can extract about 200 years; And the fossil the sources of energy of our country recoverable reserves is only: Raw coal 114.5 years, crude oil only 20.1 years, natural gas only 49.3 years. Although think hopefully to still be put in a lot of incomplete reserves, but with the exploitation technology that can foreknow at present and condition, to the development of this part resource cost also goes to promotion not to have the rate that develops value possibly.

The sources of energy that accumulates 5 billion years exceeds on the earth, in about a hundred years a few namely by human civilization extinct, energy crisis is spreading to the any corner of the world gradually, become a bottleneck that economic society develops, trammelsed global economy grows not only, also become the main factor that global politics, military affairs conflicts. So, no matter in light of home or world, global energy crisis is very outstanding already. Meanwhile, burn a large number of carbon dioxide that the fossil the sources of energy such as these coal, oil, natural gas releases, the environmental pollution that causes and the greenhouse effect that cause, the likelihood is in these the sources of energy by bad news light before, had destroyed earthly environment to the degree that the mankind cannot live, at present discharge capacity of global carbon dioxide has exceeded 30 billion tons, if do not impose control, this one word will achieve 40 billion tons 2030, among them the proportion that our country will hold 1/4. Accordingly, develop energetically but second birth the sources of energy, already became the first issue that continues to the mankind can develop continuously and live. Current, can use for the mankind but second birth the sources of energy basically has raw material can, water can generate electricity, wind energy generates electricity and solar energy generates electricity.

   2, contrast of a few kinds of the mainest the sources of energy is analysed

1, live thing is simple can

Live thing is simple can energy changes a course, it is by the plant photosynthesis accumulates solar energy radiate, then translate into mechanical energy or electric energy, in the meantime, live thing is at present simple can the using with more accepted another means is to be changed into alcohol to wait. Data makes clear, every produce a ton of alcohol to need to use up 3, 3.5 tons of corn, and at present the light energy utilization rate of plant photosynthesis is on average only 0.2% , highest also have 1 only, 2% , corn is commonly 1.2% , criterion its are right the changeover efficiency of solar energy becomes alcohol for 0.34% change, if changeover is electric energy, its efficiency will be lower, only 0.13% .
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