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On a when held in British London on June 19 prize-giving celebration, bring for developing country community can last the innovate person of the sources of energy got commending.

Promoting can last the A assorted of the sources of energy enters award prize-giving annual meeting, the project that comes from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, Tanzania and Uganda gained 20 thousand pound each (add up to 40 thousand dollar about) award.

The design is safer with efficiency the technical informatics of taller cooking range burning wood designs a project hard (TIDE) project was awarded " champion of the sources of energy " award, won the award of 40 thousand pound.

These cooking range that design by TIDE make Indian south reckons the about 8 million people that pursues miscarriage trade benefits -- for instance, drying of printing and dyeing, flavor and street food faker.

The chief Svati Bhogle of TIDE says this reward " the meeting is incentive we are expeditionary and sealed domain, the first goes to what the scope of operation with new open up makes becoming convention. "

This kind of cooking range can use case of such as coco already such deserted material, also can use firewood. Conduct heat improvedly, heat insolation and the quantity of heat that combustion produces and smoke are fewer, this improved working environment finally. In the light of India course of study of every specific miscarriage undertakes these designing, at the same time the user also was development to make contribution.

Bhogle says to 10500 cooking range are used in the investment in 12 estates department now, this is managing 140 thousand tons of fuel reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 200 thousand tons.

"Indian country is put in severe energy crisis, get the sources of energy and use the sources of energy effectively, mix plus elaborate design carry out good stimulative mechanism, have the latent capacity that transforms country. "

Award still rewarded the Ashendeng this year a few otherer cooking range. The Kisangani Smith group of Tanzania designed a kind to use the cooking range that reduces useless sawdust and rice bran to make fuel, is not to use costly fuel.

The alcohol fuel that the cooking range of GAIA association chose to use the useless gooey in refine sugar industry to produce, they distributed Ethiopia the eastpart part cent of this kind of cooking range the Somalia refugee in camp of a large refugee.

The Grameen Shakti project of Aryavart Gramin bank of India and Bangladesh -- 2006 award winner and won the remarkable success award this year -- the people that cannot receive electrified wire netting for those offers the loan that afford to install solar energy to generate electricity device.

The Nile fructification project of Uganda uses solar energy to come dry fructification. This kind of simple solar energy strikes dry plant is to use a kind of wood that covered plastic film to wear those who make, can let sunshine enter but held off the insect, and still used natural convection.
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