Beijing Olympic Games is energy-saving use with consign of car of new energy res
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Nearly 500 Olympic Gameses are energy-saving use with consign of car of new energy resources, will mix in Beijing Olympic Games incomplete undertakes demonstrative moving during abstruse meeting.

Vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, send science and technology of minister of ministry of chairman of fair the Party Central Committee, science and technology, Olympic Games (2008) 10 thousand steel attend group leader of group of action plan leader to make Che Yi type and serve as an Olympic Games energy-saving with new energy resources car head sent car passenger to take pure electric passenger car.

Country 863 plan is energy-saving Yang Minggao of Europe of group leader of overall expert group represents as major as car of new energy resources project energy-saving with unit of research and development of car of new energy resources, consign of Yu Chunquan of minister of the Ministry of Communication of northerly Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee car key. Shared nearly 500 that day energy-saving with car of new energy resources consign is used, include passenger car of pure electric passenger car, cell of mixture motivation car, fuel and car of pure electric field among them.

Beijing Olympic Games and incomplete during abstruse meeting, 50 lithium that by Beijing manage is versed in university and capital car company are developed are ionic batteries is pure electric passenger car will be on 3 public transportation circuitry such as line of core of Olympic Games village move; Passenger train of 25 when produce by east wind Motor Corporation and research and development of one steam group mixture power will be in the Olympic Games is public transportation the operation on special railway line; Car of 75 when the business research and development such as group of You Jirui, Chang'an, one steam produces mixture motivation rents be classified motorcade operation; By on the official business when the car of 20 fuel cell that lights masses of the motivation, university that be the same as aid, Shanghai to be developed jointly will serve as contest uses a car; The passenger car of 3 fuel cell that develops by cropland of blessing of steam of Tsinghua university, north will be on public transportation circuitry undertake 1 of by a definite date year set an example move. In addition, there still will be service of vehicle of more than 320 pure electric space between Olympic Games place.

It is reported, this is the sort on Olympic Games history most, technology the most advanced, scale is the largest energy-saving provide carriage service with car of new energy resources, will be traffic of area of implementation Olympic center " 0 discharge " , area of border district of central area week and Olympic liaison man are first railway traffic " low discharge " the target provides safeguard.

10 thousand steel say in the ceremonially that make a car, of contemporary Olympic Games hold, prop up formidably from what do not drive science and technology, the close confluence of science and technology and Olympic Games and interactive, already became the times feature of contemporary Olympic Games. "Olympic Games of science and technology " it is the first time on Olympic Games history combines science and technology and Olympic Games together, far-reaching to meaning of contemporary Olympic motion.
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