Coal fired changes light gas to sweet wine cost of hill ceramics energy falls 4
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Of the pain that ever sufferred high-energy bad news, tall pollution sweet wine hill ceramics industry, pass promotion cleanness the sources of energy and utilization of waste heat in recent years energy-saving and patent technology, industry energy cost drops 4 into the left and right sides, strode a stride to energy-saving environmental protection industry.

Production of traditional pottery and porcelain passes agglomeration of furnace of coal fired kiln, furnace of a kiln has a chimney, tall, pollution weighs specific power consumption. It is 3 years ago, sweet wine hill whole town has all sorts of kiln stove many 600, year bad news coal is close 350 thousand tons. The 2 oxidation sulfur that bristly chimney discharges brings serious pollution to the environment.

Natural gas is entered sweet wine after hill, this city drives ceramics industry actively to improve composition of the sources of energy, whole town aerates furnace transforms the coal fired kiln of industry of 128 ceramics inside the area to be furnace of kiln burning gas, year decrease to measure 305 thousand tons with coal, year managing energy resources is direct cost 112 million yuan, reduced 2 oxidation sulfur greatly discharge.

Meanwhile, this city still popularizes utilization of waste heat energetically energy-saving technology. Before base substrate of pottery and porcelain enters kiln furnace agglomeration must stoving, traditional method besides use partial kiln heat more than heat, add hot-blast stove to supply quantity of heat even. This city uses Hunan to arrange an equipment of utilization of waste heat of limited company of energy science and technology and its patent technology, to 108 enterprises 154 kiln furnace manages means to undertake utilization of waste heat transform by contract the sources of energy, kiln furnace utilization of waste heat raises 70%% by 30%% , coal of mark of amount to of annual and managing the sources of energy one hundred and twenty-five thousand five hundred tons, reduce power energy resources to use up 40%% left and right sides at the same time. Course of study of peaceful Xin porcelain applies this technology to undertake transforming to 7 kiln furnace, not only product output, quality promotes considerably, return managing energy cost every year 4.6 million yuan, because also need not burn the hot-blast stove of coal again, do not have soot, slag to discharge, circumjacent dweller is glad also.