Coal chemical industry: The realest solution
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Since oil of 20 centuries metaphase since the dominant in replacing coal to become world energy resources to consume a structure, up to now oil still holds 40% right-and-left share in energy consumption structure. Those who consider oil natural resources is rare be short of a gender, it is very difficult that we predict prospective crude oil drop considerably. Can forecast, if oil price maintains prep above 50 or 60 dollars / bucket, chemical industry of the coal inside 10 years will make a very big industry in Chinese development.

Structure of the sources of energy decides the actuality of development

Our country economy maintains high speed development all the time in recent years, and resource is developed and reserve and the contradiction that economy grows are highlighted increasingly, bring about entrance of our country crude oil to increase ceaselessly, energy safety problem has placed prominent place. Stabilize development to ensure the abidance of security of our country energy and economy, the channel of the sources of energy with new open up, the dependence that reduces pair of the sources of energy is spent and import depend on sb or sth for existence to spend very necessary.

Reserves of natural resources of our country coal is opposite more, output of our country coal was 2.523 billion tons 2007, by the coal resource that can use directly use fixed number of year is 90-100 about year. Pass the production of adjusting control coal and imports and exports, natural resources of our country coal can satisfy energy production and the need that coal chemical industry admits basically, this also decided consumption of our country energy and carbon one chemical industry will be main base oneself upon at coal. A reason that China is fond of coal is compare with the United States and other nation posture, unwarrantable can from the crude oil with abroad enough entrance. If did not come 10 in coming 20 years, be discovered without lard cropland, bottleneck of oil natural resources will endanger security of domestic energy resources. So, 2006-2020 year our country will open up endowment chemical industry of coal of 1 trillion development.

Resource is for king technology first

The outstanding performance of overheat of chemical industry of our country coal is " meet coal is changed surely " . For seek advantage of economy of resource advantage translate into, place of production of almost all coal, even coal transfers into the area wants to develop coal chemical industry energetically, send a hope to be pulled at coal chemical industry move GDP. But development coal chemical industry must want to match with photograph of natural resources of local coal, water, consider environmental size integratedly, apply advanced clean coal to use a technology, in national policy guidance falls, take the route that can develop continuously.

Natural resources of coal, water is development coal chemical industry natural resources of coal of our country of the most crucial foundation is more substantial, the place that has coal is more, but have the place of coal and do not suit to develop coal chemical industry certainly, development coal chemical industry needs to have the following two postulate. One of, rich, cheap coal natural resources is the premise condition that develops coal chemical industry. Although in last few years domestic coal produces can rapid growth, but be based on safe production to bring about size colliery shut and have coal minerals can check and ratify, anticipate domestic coal output was controlled in 3 billion tons 2010. "915 " during, domestic coal supply demand relations slants basically even evenly close, did not give the yield with too big put apart of coal chemical industry can empty intercrop for. See not hard, the investment direction of chemical industry of a few years of coal will be given priority to centrally with regional industry henceforth, the investment of large coal company will be occupied very big one part.
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