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The energy consumption of global each country can divide roughly for 3 kinds of mode: Oil, major developed country is this kind of type, be like the United States; Coal, for instance China, energy consumption forms medium coal to occupy than exceeding 67% ; Nuclear energy, for instance France, nuclear report scale exceeded 78% 2006. Of course, consumption of each country energy is not onefold, in recent years all sorts of new energy resources are used also appear in succession.
Why are any national choices planted the sources of energy consumes mode, going up at all depend on two elements: It is gift of energy natural resources, namely the deposit of energy natural resources of nature of a country; 2 it is force of control of energy natural resources, namely national ability can make sure this country is obtained why to plant the sources of energy, and achieve how many the sources of energy. Although itself of a country lacks resource of the sources of energy, but if have powerful military affairs, diplomacy, sth used to one's own advantage,wait for resource, the sources of energy that also can gain stability furnishs.

China's most substantial energy natural resources is coal. Show according to concerning a material, the coal reserves that our country has checked amounts to seven hundred and twenty-four billion one hundred and sixteen million tons, be produced among them and be in build already took up reserve is one hundred and eighty-six billion eight hundred and twenty-two million tons,

But, energy development course of China and energy policy always should cast off the pattern that gives priority to with coal it seems that. Since from 1993 China becomes oil to import a country completely, oil import of China rises advance rapidly, oil entrance of China measured nearly 200 million tons 2007. China is become " world plant " , car consumption expands quickly, guide China the sources of energy that is close to the United States more and more consumes orbit with powerful momentum -- oil entrance of height is depended on. because such, china needs full world to search oil, need still can't be on international scenic circumstance to fall in some force, with " economic diplomacy " will make sure China obtains oil from the world. China also must begin to learn the United States and Japan, establish oneself oil strategy reserve, this is farther aggrandizement of China " oil is depended on " . Of extraordinary is, china is in oil consumption is occupied depend on than what form below very low circumstance.

On the strategy that why to use in coal to enter give a new way?

National hair changes appoint vice director Zhang Guobao was in a few days ago " Chinese nuclear energy can develop forum continuously " on express, "Do not swing for a long time the trouble of structure of the sources of energy that gives priority to with coal is very big, development nucleus report is being accelerated below this kind of circumstance is understandable.
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