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The first snow 2008

2008, to China, great rejoicing of big Bei of it may be said. Of course, we hope, all pain can be in prospective joy forget die slowly. After-thought 2004, group of Chinese popular music has a bit to have a fever it seems that excessive, have a new name become between one night widely known, nearly wild room for action, he is " knife 郞 " , with that " 2002 the first snow " red all over great river north and south, the giant star that is like class of king of as certain as Hong Kong day does not have what distinction. Attention economy lets " knife 郞 " become famous overnight achieve instant fame falls in such period setting, bright red big violet. Feel embarrassed, we do not talk about recreational group today, still turn the topic answer subject, it is the article thinks that to bring him only a few into classical libretto, and we revised our " the first snow 2008 comes a few more suddenly than in former years " . Pretty good, 2008 that one snow before the Spring Festival, hundred years did not encounter, the people that block up wears all expectation that come home to reunion, be in of purpose it seems that festival Spring Festival cheats a shadow. However great Chinese people not dread wind snow, conquer this hundred years snow calamity that does not encounter. Although the first snow of 2008 fails to blow the state of mind of Chinese people joy, but snow of this one wind however innocently alluded the ceramics industry that preparing extinguish furnace to have a holiday, the place before be about to meet did not encounter cold current. Although this is coincidence, but the experience of the half an year before such coincidence figure ground described 2008 China pottery and porcelain. Then, someone says: Change truly forthcoming, before the industry often so noisy that shuffle bubbling with noisely, conformity is to see thunder does not see those who rain is Bacchic only merely, build contented industry to China probably and character, in all and senior personage in authoritative perhaps report " shuffle " just one is in show him boast height of some kind of thought is authoritative perhaps analysis just. Change character, people does not have understanding to be clear that what just is true shuffling at all, it is to take doctrine more, everybody is saying to shuffle, so a lot of people also follow " shuffle " . Because, build contented industry to China and character, shuffle or did not begin truly, everything is the suggestion before shuffling only, the industry that build contented has not reached the market height like home appliance industry, be like home appliance industry impossibly same, the couplet of brand of a few mainstreams sleeves the price that can change product of certain home appliance is same. Probably, the article not should too much allude " home appliance " or " shuffle " such word, but solid for but. China builds contented industry grow, still need period of time, and such one   paragraph time must let us all entrepreneur are clear realize this error. The first snow of 2008 had gone, nevertheless, this just begins, of contented course of study " cold current " had not come truly. So, why can we encounter such " cold current " ? Next we can encounter what kind of predicament again, how to answer? Hope undermentioned view name a person for a particular job can give people to bring a few inspire and consult. Of course, because author knowledge is finite, if have inappropriate place, still hope to criticize make corrections.
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