Settle of power plant of the biggest pithead is the same as capacity of complete
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Country " on the west report east send " major project, province " 915 " outside the pithead power plant with the biggest capacity of stand-alone of power transmission priority discipline, complete coal -- with coal big Tang Dashan generates electricity 2 × of company unit of sign of L of power plant of pithead of 600 thousand kilowatt came true first on June 18 and net, tried through 168 hours on July 5 move. This indicates structural adjustment strode an industry of the group that be the same as coal materiality pace, initiated coal company to do the beginning of big power plant.

In recent years, the group that be the same as coal is developing coal energetically advocate course of study while, change be defeated by coal to be transmit electricity, accelerate advance the step of industrial structural adjustment that is bibcock with developing electric power property, start working was built include tower hill 600 thousand kilowatt of 2 × aircrew inside power plant of 5 when total installed capacity is 5 million kilowatt large pithead, main compose builds coal report unifinication base of new-style the sources of energy. With coal big Tang Dashan generates electricity the company is by the group that be the same as coal company and big the Tang Dynasty joint investment establishs international, the unit that this company builds is the coal fired unit with the domestic stand-alone the biggest capacity that coal system controls a construction. Capacity of aircraft of program general assembly is 5 × 600 thousand kilowatt, first phase project builds 600 thousand kilowatt of 2 × inferior type of steam of critical and direct empty condensation generation set, 2 period the project plans to build 660 thousand kilowatt of 2 × to exceed critical generation set, 3 period engineering design builds a 600 thousand kilowatt to exceed country of critical loop fluid-bed to set an example power station. Investment of static state of first phase project is 5.09 billion yuan, after building go into operation, use 5500 hours of calculation according to annual interest, year electricenergy production is 6.6 billion kilowatt hour about, can achieve sales revenue 1.8 billion yuan, profit 300 million ~ 400 million yuan.

With coal big Tang Dashan generates electricity first phase project of power plant of pithead of 600 thousand kilowatt realized 2 × of company in May 2006 oneself " 4 are made the same score " since, broad builder grabs time limit for a project, fall cost, stress safety, maintain quality, carry out essence of life to refine management in the round, make scene of restful and civilized construction, make the project is in the respect such as time limit for a project, cost, management, safe, civilized construction is harmonious and fast advance. An unit construction arrives from start working on June 18 and the net generated electricity to use 19 half moon only, each target is good, reach the domestic advanced level that is the same as type aircrew, came true to stress plan, grab rate, generate electricity on schedule, guarantee the end of Olympic Games power supply.
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