Oil reforming equipment creates expectation in battalion closed 2015 100 billion
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In August the first ten days of a month, li Xinhua of oil group vise general manager puts forward in, expectation production industry of this company equipment realized business income 2010 50 billion yuan of above, achieved 100 billion yuan of above 2015. This character, the wide attention that causes all walks of life -- regard home as the biggest oil gas supplier, why can you make a domain extend to equipment suddenly?
As we have learned, the equipment below oil group division makes an enterprise include to be in dispersedly in the borer production of countrywide each district, steel tube is made, equipment of motivation, appearance is made wait for enterprise of form a complete set, its product basically applies in domestic oil exploitation and project of oil refining chemical industry. 2008 first half of the year, this share capital achieves sales revenue 16.04 billion yuan, profit 654 million yuan.
High level of the oil in having introduces, the equipment below group division makes business history package before 2000 quality of heavy, asset not beautiful, this is group high level all the time " anxiety " , because of such, great majority of this share capital was not entered appear on the market company. "However, of the tall look forward to of oil price and demand of domestic oil gas jump these equipment companies brought new market turning point, enrage on the west east be defeated wait for large project more promoted them to undertake the product upgrades to be innovated with the technology. At present the group is undertaking recombining to these asset, will establish a few large equipment to create base, they meet tomorrow around group oil gas advocate seek of course of study is bigger development. " he discloses further.
Enrage on the west east be defeated help strength
It is reported, li Xinhua is to be in what hold recently " in oil equipment is made board piece worked first half of the year 2008 the conference " on raise afore-mentioned targets. Li Xinhua thinks, oil group is in in successive on the base that 4 years reserves of ascertain oil geology exceeds 500 million tons, add ascertain oil and reserves of natural gas geology newly 2007 to amount to 800 million tons to mix respectively above of 400 billion stere, resource of group oil gas replaces tight situation to already was changed apparently, reserve structure and alignment more hasten is reasonable, entered new oil gas reserve to grow fastigium. "Prospective equipment is made board piece will around the group advocate course of study (oil gas is developed) accelerate an industry to upgrade, optimize region composition, make joint-stock source element, carry out elaborate government, make the brand that has stronger international force, build equipment of a few large oil to create base. " Li Xinhua says.
As a result of historical reason, industry of petrifaction of our country oil rose to build whole industrial system from the day that be born, this includes the exploitation of crude oil, refine already among them, also include the production of equipment of relevant form a complete set, treatment, because this is medium,factory of refine of each oil field has a series of equipment to create a company below oil division. "Enterprises of these periphery form a complete set relied on a parent company to maintain bread more once upon a time. Once parent company benefit glides, they face the risk that close down. " the public figure that has the development inside familiar course of study says.
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