Zhang Guobao: "Strategy of Chinese type the sources of energy " decide at the be
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On August 18 afternoon, national hair changes appoint the energy situation that Zhang Guobao of director of the first to be appointed to an office of bureau of energy resources of vice director, nation introduced China on the press conference, the oily barren that partial area appears this year, coal barren and electric shortage phenomenon are worth our vigilance, what cannot have the slightest amount or degree is lax.

Below condition of new international the sources of energy, find out and stabilize the way that the sources of energy of ourselves settles, it is current major task. As the rapid development of our country economy, the proportion that our country crude oil imports external had been achieved 50% the left and right sides, crude oil external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent in progressively heighten. Last in international oil price below the setting of tall look forward to, high oil price swims through be down of product and articles for daily use conduct, accentuated the inflationary rate of our country, what grow quickly to our country economy is durative posed a challenge.

Our country is the country of a little oily much coal, raise coal to have very important sense in the proportion in structure of the sources of energy energetically. On one hand, crop of oil surplus one's remaining years by on century 80, of 90 time 1003, reduced 2 million current pails 4 million pails considerably, oil of a gravelstone is defeated by those who go abroad to supply interrupt the breach that can cause global petroleum supply and demand cannot complemental; On the other hand, the condition of middle east area is not stable, iranian nucleus problem was not solved all the time, the conflict of Russia and Gelujiya still does not have finish, once condition is farther nervous word, oil price still can pick up litre of situation probably again, innovate again even tall.

From the point of the development of clean the sources of energy, current, high oil price although somewhat fall after a rise, but still be in perch, but the investment that this one circumstance also conduces to above cleanness the sources of energy is promoted, it is the big inning that develops clean the sources of energy energetically. Be in a country, of biology firedamp use not only be helpful for what the sources of energy uses efficiency rising, still be helpful for environmental improvement, the action to fertilizer of economic chemical industry also cannot small gaze. In solar energy respect, our country also has very large development space. Accordingly, the government still should publish strong and practical step to advance these clean the sources of energy energetically further, but the development speed of second birth the sources of energy.

The reform way that forms a mechanism from oil price looks, the general orientation that conforms completely with the market is beyond question. But nearby period, although international oil price has relatively substantially fall after a rise, but still be in opposite perch, look on the trend, or the space that has further be issued to lower levels. Current, although the CPI of our country has relatively substantially fall after a rise, but PPI is added situation did not decrease, inflationary pressure is heavier still. From the point of world economy condition, current, world economy long wave looks to still be in outspread phase, medium wave looks be in systole period, shortwave looks to also be in systole period, the expert thinks to be in probably the trough that with the moment of have a common boundary of next year occurrence economy grows this year.
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