Reform of price of the sources of energy is aided push energy-saving decrease a
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Close period of time, international crude price blazes new trails repeatedly tall, break through 140 dollars for a time / bucket, make the high inflation that high oil price brings becomes the difficult problem that puzzles the whole world. Be supply demand relations after all is or of lopsided, congenial element the dollar depreciates is brought theory tall? A lot of interrogation, make a when energy problem becomes the whole world to must be faced unintelligible problem. And continuously the oil price of tall look forward to, make the section can decrease a platoon to show its true meaning.

Personage of the analysis inside course of study thinks, energy-saving decrease a platoon to need a government to undertake driving on one hand; On the other hand, of price of the sources of energy straighten crucial. Only regression of price of the sources of energy comes normal level, microcosmic level just has motivation to be fulfilled truly energy-saving the concerned policy that decreases a platoon, undertake energy-saving the ability that decrease a platoon has economic sense.

Demand rises finished product oil carries valence to become a trend

From 2007 second half of the year rises, what international oil price entered unprecedented is fast rise period. The country developed innovation on June 20 appoint issue an announcement, the decision rises from June 20 price of benzine, derv every tons raise 1000 yuan, aviation kerosene price rises 1500 yuan every tons; Since July 1, sell the throughout the country electrovalency average every kilowatt hour raises money 2.5 minutes; What pulled open price of the sources of energy to adjust thereby is prelusive.

The analysis thinks, international market supply and demand is weak pattern is crude oil rises advocate because of. Current, world oil the rest is produced can insufficient, especially the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Oupeike) adjust the ability of international oil price drops. And from the point of demand, domestic economy grows quickly, crude oil demand increases ceaselessly, form plus Brazil, India, Russia " golden brick Shikoku " push really tall global energy demand. World economy growth is annual now be 3% to the growth rate of 4% , the developed country appears to crude oil demand firm in have the state that promote. Accordingly demand of global crude oil rises apparent, what grow with supply is relatively logy form contradiction.

Guo Taijun installs researcher Yang Wei to consider to report middle finger goes out in its, anyhow, visible fact is to regard as really " industrial blood " crude oil rises in price to had brought major effect to a lot of industries, price of raw material of relevant manufacturing industry rises, raw material rises in price can swim downward conduct, cause the rise of finished product price.

Yang Wei thinks, differ as a result of oil price of domestic and international finished product still tremendous, crude price continues to rise in violent wind, the country still will continue to raise standard of finished product oil price.
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