Jiangxi decides nine of the mine that be not coal must not extract
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On September 11, total bureau of supervisory government of national safe production assists in Shanxi province Fen county holds blame colliery hill safe production spot is met. After the conference ends, jiangxi saves a government for a short while to sit a meeting is communicated, listen to concerned case report for a short while, study deploy is carried out for a short while fulfil an opinion. Took following step, cogent fall conference spirit to real point.

On September 12 afternoon, hong Lihe's vice-governor upholds province government install to hold a province appoint meeting plenary session, the important directive spirit that the conference learned central leader comrade and the serious talk of Director Wang Jun on the meeting, analysed me to omit safe production condition, deploy below one phase especially current safe production works, arouse each district, departmental door, each unit should overcome war-weary slacken sentiment, overcome paralytic and lax sentiment, overcome blind and upbeat mood, overcome blame everyone and everything but not oneself, pessimistic disappointed sentiment, be opposite instantly situation of this door of our region, cadre, industry safe production makes an analysis consider, take practical step, strengthen superintend, jam flaw, take preventive measures.

On September 13 afternoon, the province is installed appoint do hold complete province conference of safe production video. The province installs industry of bureau of inspect bureau, Jiangxi coal inspect, province coal to do responsible comrade and province coal group, province tungsten of group of trade of tungsten of bureau of smelt metal of mine of Jiangxi of industry of group of building materials of group of petrifaction of group of trade of copper of metallurgy group, Jiangxi, province, province, nucleus, Jiangxi, river limited company, each set area city to bring management department of industry of inspect bureau, coal, coal mine censorial substation, each county (city, area) install management department of inspect, coal to basically be in charge of a comrade, place of company of province coal group belongs to Bureau of Mines to basically be in charge of a comrade attending the meeting in seat branch field. Conference content is: Communicate carry out fulfil a country to install inspect total bureau the serious talk of Director Wang Jun on September 5 and the serious talk spirit that were not spot of coal mine safe production to be able to go up in the whole nation on September 11, carry out install to fulfil a province appoint meeting plenary session spirit, hill of research arrangement colliery, blame colliery, danger is changed taste and firework cracker safety superintends the job, save platoon of hidden danger of gangue library safety to investigate processing work completely especially.

On September 13, the province installs inspect bureau to check the job to allot urgent announcement with respect to platoon of hidden danger of gangue library safety, the requirement organizes libraries of pair of complete province gangue instantly, one also is not let off begin hidden trouble platoon to check; The platoon checks content to have: Whether does gangue library have standard design, whether to execute safety " 3 in the meantime " system, safety administration already shut a library especially or discard but whether does responsibility of safety administration main body fulfil the gangue library that does not have officer unit again, whether to fulfil daily safety censorship, . Be in charge of a principle according to apanage at the same time, by gangue library seat city, county installs inspect branch to take the lead fulfil a platoon to check, to discharging the problem of fish and hidden trouble, want to draw up written processing reports, sign up for on one class to bring inspect section.
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