Develop new-style and clean the sources of energy to build science to use a syst
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Yesterday, bao Xuding comes to general manager of advisory company of China International engineering to survey of Inc. of haing power plant all right. Jiang Ming of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor and province, city is in charge of a comrade accompanying survey about the branch.
Bao Xuding watched 3 minutes of plants of haing turbine company early or late all right, haing boiler company allows minute of plant again, breath out room of power plant of water and electricity of electric machinery company, ammunition, understand company production, operation and situation of research and development, hold an informal discussion to listen to Inc. of haing power plant to be in charge of like-minded report. According to introducing, in recent years, as the rapid development of national economy, generate electricity equipment market demand is exuberant, inc. of haing power plant also entered high speed to develop period, production manages each economic norms to promote quickly, achieve the history for years continuously best level. In have an informal discussion, the result that Bao Xuding obtains to breathing out power plant Inc. offers sufficient affirmation, the development strategy that reachs the product domain such as briny desalt to extend to container of coal chemical industry, large chemical industry to the enterprise indicates approval. He says, the seventeen big report of the party points out, should strengthen energy natural resources managing with zoology environmental protection, build scientific and reasonable energy natural resources to use a system. Inc. of haing power plant should be carried out deep implement scientific progress concept, hold to in order to highlight advocate course of study, raise company core competition ability to attach most importance to a dot, develop coal report, water and electricity energetically the new-style and clean the sources of energy such as amiable report, nucleus report, wind report, compete in order to answer to intense market, satisfy the need that the company can grow continuously.