The main and chemical element of fireproof material
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According to the content of all sorts of chemical composition in fireproof material and its action, its normally cent gives priority to foreign matter and composition, extra part 3 kinds.

(one) advocate composition

In fireproof material advocate composition is to point to those who hold great majority, have the chemical part of decisive action to property of material high temperature. Fireproof material has the property of function of good counteractive high temperature, and a lot of fireproof material have character each again, complete or basically depend on advocate composition. So, to fireproof material advocate composition, must give take seriously adequately. Normally, comprise classification according to chemistry to fireproof material, and differentiate to a lot of fireproof material that pledge with material for a certain number of grade, it is or it is a basis likely its advocate the sort of composition and its content amount and decide. Can serve as fireproof material advocate of composition is to have very tall crystal lattice can Gao Rong is nodded or decompose the simple substance with very high temperature or compound. Ask to it is produced in fireproof material or enlist in army stability can form in the process those who have good performance is mineral, extract taller and more easily in nature reserves with use. Distributing in the lithosphere more, can serve as fireproof material advocate of composition basically is oxide. Additional, a few carbide, nitride, silicon changes content and boride, also can serve as fireproof material advocate composition.

Now, production and in using more extensive fireproof data advocate composition basically is oxide and the SiC such as Al2O3, BeO, Cr203, MgO, CaO, SiO2, ThO2, TiO2, UO2, ZrO2, WC, B4C the nitride such as carbide and AIN, Si3N4.

(2) foreign matter

Foreign matter is to point to be different from in fireproof material advocate of composition, content is fractional and what often bring a harm to the property of counteractive high temperature of fireproof material is chemical composition. This kind of chemical composition is more by contain advocate the carry secretly in the raw material of composition and come.

Yi Rong content is had a plenty of in the impurity of fireproof material, some itself have very high melting point, but with advocate when composition is concomitant, can produce Yi Rong substance however. The existence of reason impurity often is opposite advocate the strong action aiding frit since composition. Although the action that aid frit conduces to the fluid photograph agglomeration of material sometimes, but action of counteractive to material high temperature has serious harm however. The action that aid frit heals strong, namely the existence as a result of foreign matter, the temperature that begins to form fluid photograph in the system heals low, or form fluid photograph quantity to heal much, or as temperature rate of growth of volume of elevatory fluid photograph heals fast, and forms fluid photograph viscosity heals low had healed with wetability, the harm heals serious. Visible, if Na2O and SiO2 are concomitant, the temperature that because begin,forms fluid photograph is very low, in the fireproof material that reason gives priority to composition with SiO2, if contain a few Na2O, can bring serious harm to property of its high temperature. If with SiO2, al2O3 and TiO2 are contained respectively in the fireproof material that gives priority to composition, although SiO2, Al2O3 and SiO2, of two systems of TiO2 in all frit temperature close, mix for 1595 ℃ respectively 1550 ℃ , but in in all the fluid appearance that oxide of every 1% impurity inside the system below frit temperature makes is measured however the difference is bigger, former it is latter about 1.9 times. And, those who follow temperature is elevatory, this difference is bigger, if be below 1600 ℃ , it is 2.3 times about. Accordingly, foreign matter Al2O3 relatively TiO2 is strong to the flux action of SiO2. The high temperature capability of simple to silicon fireproof stuff endangers alumina great. Additional, when foreign matter and advocate when composition is concomitant, be like generated fluid photograph viscosity inferior, and along with temperature elevatory viscosity is reduced more fast and wetability has healed, heal to the harm of fireproof material serious.
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