Adventitious fireproof material uses bond how to be classified
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How does adventitious fireproof material use bond to classify?

Divide by chemistry organic with inorganic bond.

Inorganic bond:

(1 ) silicate kind -- clay of siliceous calcic cement, water glass, union.

(2) aluminous acerbity salt kind -- cement of common aluminous acerbity calcic cement, aluminium acid calcic cement, aluminous acerbity barium.

(3) phosphate kind -- phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen aluminium, 3 get together phosphoric acid natrium, 6 slant phosphoric acid natrium, aluminous chromic phosphate kind.

(4) sulfate kind -- vitriolic magnesium, vitriolic aluminium, vitriolic iron.

(5) chloride kind -- aluminium of iron of magnesium chloride, chloridize, aggregate chloridize.

(6) sol kind -- silicon collosol, aluminous collosol, silicon aluminous collosol.

Organic bond:

(1 ) natural and organic matter -- amylaceous, dextrin, Arabia acerbity natrium of bath of waste liquid of gummy, pulp, tar, bitumen, sea.

(2) compound organic matter -- ester of colophony of colophony of epoxy resin, linear phenolic aldehyde, armour rank phenolic aldehyde, polystyrene, siliceous second, get together amine fat colophony.

By bond sclerosis the condition classifies:

(1 ) water rigid bond -- cement of silicate cement, aluminous acerbity salt.

(2) gas rigid combines a gender -- water glass adds natrium of fluorine silicon acid, phosphoric acid or phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen aluminium adds small pink of silicon of magnesian, oxidation to add aluminous acid calcic cement to wait.

(3) hot rigid bond -- phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid colophony of phenolic aldehyde of 2 hydrogen aluminium, armour rank.

By the union below different temperature action distributes provisionality and permanent bond.

Provisionality bond:

(1 ) water-solubility bond -- dextrin, farinaceous carboxyl is methylic cellulose, farinaceous lignin of the shape that reach fluid sulphur is acerbity alcohol of kind of material, polyethylene is farinaceous crystal.

(2) blame water-solubility bond -- strong pitch kind, olefin, polypropylene kind wait.

Permanent bond:

(1 ) charcoal element bond -- tar pitch, phenolic aldehyde colophony.

(2) mud of aluminous acerbity brine.

(3) silicate bond -- fat of water glass, siliceous second.

(4) phosphoric acid and phosphatic bond.

(5) chloridize salt and sulfate bond.