What kind of insulation material is high temperature resistant is performance of
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1, adiabatic insulation material is summarized

According to equipment and general rule of technology of conduit heat preservation, heat insulating materials is to point to be equal to in average temperature or be less than 623K (350 Celsius) when, thermal conductance is less than 0.14W/ (M*K) material. Heat insulating materials is had normally qualitative the characteristic with light, loose, poriferous, small coefficient of thermal conductivity. Use commonly prevent heating power equipment and be lost of conduit quantity of heat, perhaps be in refrigerant (also say general is cold) with microtherm (also say deep cold) next use, call heat preservation again in our country heat insulating materials consequently or keep cold data. In the meantime, as a result of heat insulating materials poriferous or fiber shape structure has good sound absorption function, also be applied extensively at building an industry consequently.

1.1 classification method

Sort of heat insulating materials is various, can press material commonly qualitative, use temperature, configuration and structure will classify.

Can divide character by material for organic heat insulating materials, inorganic heat insulating materials and metallic heat insulating materials 3 kinds.

The insulation material that heating power equipment and conduit use is inorganic heat insulating materials more. This kind of material is had not cankered, not combustion, high temperature resistant wait for a characteristic. For example: Concrete of asbestine, diatomite, pearlite, fibre glass, cellular glass, siliceous calcium.

General is cold below keep cold data multi-purpose and organic heat insulating materials, the coefficient of thermal conductivity that this kind of material has minimum, be able to bear or endure microtherm, combustible wait for a characteristic. For example: Ester of polystyrene expanded plastics, polyvinyl chloride expanded plastics, ammonia expanded plastics, cork.

Can divide again by configuration for poriferous shape heat insulation the tear is filled with tear of heat insulation of shape of material of the socket of eye, fiber to be filled with heat insulation of material of the socket of eye, pulverous shape and layer shape heat insulating materials 4 kinds. Heat insulating materials calls poriferous shape bubble heat insulating materials again, have quality light, adiabatic function is good, stretch stability of good, dimension, be able to bear or endure the characteristic such as stability difference. Basically expanded plastics, cellular glass, cellular rubber, siliceous calcium, light simple fireproof stuff waits. Fiber shape heat insulating materials can pledge by material cent is metallic fiber and organic fiber, inorganic fiber, compound fiber to wait. Use as on industry what adiabatic tear is filled with material of the socket of eye basically is inorganic fiber, the fiber that uses the most widely at present is fiber of alumina of fiber of cotton of asbestine, cliff, glass cotton, siliceous aluminous pottery and porcelain, crystalloid. Heat insulating materials basically has pulverous state diatomite, expand pearlite and its goods. The raw material origin of these material is rich, low-cost, it is building and the efficient heat insulating materials with the wider application on the equipment that heat up labour.
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