The main material of fireproof cable: Mica takes heat-resisting grade and applic
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The development of our country fireproof cable and application already had more than 10 years of histories, but the main material mica that serves as fireproof cable is taken (the structure that shows the belt that use the cloud circles a bag to serve as fireproof layer) still do not have formal and special product and corresponding product standard up to now. Before 10 years, to satisfy the market demand that fireproof mica brings, xi'an traffic reachs concerned mica to take a manufacturer to wait to use micaceous tape to fireproof cable early or late choose had developed research test. The research data that integrated domestic and international fireproof mica carries my place Xu Yinglin's senior engineer, put forward via test and verify of experiment, application " Q/SJ05 of condition of technology of Shanghai cable institute - 91 " wire cable is taken with fireproof mica " " . The model that this technology condition brings with mica to fireproof cable, specifications and experiment method made a provision, become wire cable industry to choose the guiding file of micaceous belt.

GB12666.6 - 90 " wire cable is fireproof and characteristic experiment method " standard, a of fireproof experiment cent, B two kinds, the blaze temperature when its burn is 950 ~ respectively 1000 ℃ and 800 ℃ of 750 ~ . And Q/SJ05 - the 91 assessment temperature that stipulate fireproof cable mica is taken are 800 ℃ . Apparent, this only applicable B kind requirement, so, a kind how is the micaceous belt of experiment condition chosen and assess, is the mica that at present many domestic manufacturer offer taken whether contented A kind requirement? The article discusses a bit your view at this point.

Fireproof cable is taken with mica by cloth of micaceous paper, fibre glass and binder 3 old stuff are comprised. Paper of parent of its medium cloud is the crucial part that ensures cable electric equipment is isolated from below blaze temperature. The heat-resisting level that can say micaceous paper decided the heat-resisting grade of micaceous belt. The hear resistance of the 3 old stuff that take to comprising mica below is made quite.

One, micaceous paper: Micaceous paper is by cloudlet mother or powdery mica bilge with water law craft is made. According to its composition different, commonly used the micaceous paper that is isolated from at electrician has muscovite, phlogopite and fluorine phlogopite (synthesis is micaceous) 3 kinds. The molecular composition of these 3 kinds of micaceous paper and if the watch is shown 1 times,allow working temperature.

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Phyletic structural formula allows working temperature ℃ KAL of long-term and short-term muscovite2(AlSi2O10)2 KMg of phlogopite of 350 ~ 450 6003(AlSi3O10) (OH.F)2 Gold of fluorine of 600 ~ 650 800 (synthesis is micaceous) KMg
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