Kiln of new-style cement working a way uses adventitious fireproof data optimize
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Han Yawei (Changzhou city horizontal hill is high temperature resistant material factory, jiangsu Changzhou 213119)

[Summary] of adventitious of kiln of production of new-style cement working a way fireproof material optimize configuration, want the character state of the limestone that uses severally according to cement company and fuel, link the operating mode demand that different cement equipment runs, the choice is the rightest fireproof and pouring makings, on the base that reduces manufacturing cost, improve the manufacturing efficiency of cement kiln. The construction that cooperates to be perfected strictly again and reasonable conserve warm up system, will assure the long-term and normal movement of cement kiln.

Keyword: Adventitious fireproof material; Optimize configuration; Pouring makings construction


Technology of 20 centuries cement obtained revolutionary development, the promotion of rotary kiln, those who raised cement grog is firing thermal efficiency. Seventies, japanese research and development decompose cement to manufacture a technology beforehand, this technology makes cement industry produced revolutionary progress, the product line of new-style cement working a way that makes from this, what be the same as a diameter quite is wet kiln or tradition do law kiln, obtained not only taller firing thermal efficiency, reduced the sources of energy to use up, still reduced the pollution to the environment, stand-alone productivity was to obtain more very big rise. The productivity of kiln of different kiln cement and kiln detailed sees a table one.
Kiln data is wet dry way of half dry way is new-style diameter of dry method kiln (rice) 4.00 4.00 3.75 4.00 productivity (ton / day) 650 996 520 2000 hear rate (1000 anxious / kilogram clinker) 6219 4045 5596.3 3600
Go up century 80 time, our country begins own research and development to decompose cement to manufacture a technology beforehand, introduce abroad new-style cement working a way produces equipment, investment built product line of a batch of new-style cement working a way. 90 time begin, the technology of new-style cement working a way of our country got flying development, deliver the cement product line that produced above of a batch of 2500T/D, 5000T/D in succession, conch the building of 10 thousand tons of lines is to indicate the cement of an our country produced a technology to reach world level more.

Fireproof material serves as the running stores on cement kiln, protecting the normal movement that manufacturing facilities plays in high temperature not only, effective still reduced hot loss. Rise as what cement manufactures a technology and develop, systematic equipment is ceaseless and large change, the productivity of cement grog expands with each passing day, state of cement facility work and the change of the environment inside kiln, raised new requirement to fireproof material.
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