Fireproof material summarizes special type
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As the development of science and technology, appeared in extensive material field a lot of new material. Fireproof material is in special type namely a group of when the development on the foundation of traditional pottery and porcelain and fireproof material rises new-style and inorganic material, also say to make material of high temperature pottery and porcelain.

The manufacturing technology of traditional pottery and porcelain is make raw material fine pink shape again. The method that uses pottery and porcelain makes fireproof material also be special technique, should narrate in the 5th chapter, but because special type is fireproof material is chemical the tall purity of composition, super fireproof function, all sorts of special function, complex product figure, special use condition, can make a separate system, make a system narrate here as one chapter.

Special type is fireproof the development of material and high temperature technology, especially closely related the development of contemporary and new and high technology. Latter-day vacuum technique, high speed aircraft (man-made world satellite) propjet equipment develops, especially the turbine burning gas of jet engine rotates body of blade, nozzle, inner cone (radar antennae is overspread) , end awl commutate child etc get the immediate effect of air current of high temperature, high speed, difficult frit metal and heat-resisting alloy rupture in what high temperature falls intensity, creep, fought the function such as oxidisability to reach operating limit, the particular kind with must be searched better is fireproof material. Advanced metallurgy technology, need is more high temperature resistant, fight erode, fight the functional material of thermal shock. Smelt is all sorts of new metals, special the purity demand of alloy and semiconductor material is very high, but be below fused temperature,have reaction easily with common and fireproof material and make general and fireproof material suffers erode. The fused, distill that the container with qualitative metal does not suit to regard these as material more, irrigate billows, alloy converts the vessel of the process or single crystal grows with vessel, because can pollute the material of smelt. Still the modern technology such as rocket, missile, electron asks high-powered fireproof data. Fireproof material and traditional fireproof data phase compare these particular kind have the following characteristic:

(1) the material of fireproof material had exceeded most special type character silicate limits, and grade purity is tall, tall, melting point is in 2000 ℃ above (it is 1728 ℃ individually) ;

(2) shape craft not confine works partly shape, besides a large number of application the law that note an oar is mixed but model law shapes outside, still use etc static pressure, frit of gas phase deposit, hot pressing, report, and great majority uses micron (μ M) the fine pink makings of class;
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