Contain carbon fireproof material will give place to blame oxide composite mater
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Fireproof material is the fundamental material of high temperature industry, it is the assurance that high temperature technology develops. Because the fireproof material of 70% above serves industry of Yu Ye gold, because this people is much,see what its form to latter-day and fireproof material promote action from the development of metallurgy science and technology.

Of puddling blast furnace large turn the application with technology of high pressure, high temperature, ask fireproof material should be had high temperature resistant, fight erode, be able to bear or endure erode and good thermal shock stability, requirement service life amounts to 15 years, even 20 years of above, appeared consequently nitrogen changes silicon to combine He Sailong of carborundum of carborundum, the union that surpass grand to combine the blame oxide oxide such as corundum compound and fireproof material, till go out,show oxide of metal, blame and oxide compound and fireproof material. The development of latter-day steel-making industry, especially the birth of technology of pure steel smelt, content of the carbon in requirement steel must fall to extremely low-level, force get steel-making alone fireproof material is coquettish a few years contain carbon fireproof material gives place to the oxide of new-style blame oxide of other is compound and fireproof material. Because this kind of material has oxidation object,fasten the performance that place cannot compare. Their epicene it is high temperature resistant, the iron that fight broken bits is eroded, wear-resisting caustic, thermal shock, and these, regard high grade high temperature as the heatproof shake performance that fireproof stuff place requires to have just about etc. The level of science and technology of industry of our country high temperature and craft level have express development in recent years, the progress that place of steely, nonferrous metal, cement, glass, pottery and porcelain obtains lets common people fix eyes upon, steely crop already exceeded the sum of two countries of beautiful, day, fireproof material crop resides the world firmly also the first, the research center of fireproof material is being transferred to our country, we should bear this heavy responsibility, build the blame oxide that has our country distinguishing feature according to high quality, free from contamination, low consumption, cheap principle (metal) the system of latter-day and fireproof data that is a center with oxide composite material.

The progress of fireproof nitride raw material according to high quality, free from contamination, low consumption, cheap principle, our country already was in natural and mineral (charcoal qualitative clay, aluminous alumina) transition and a large amount of industry litter (gangue, nitrogen) second birth used a respect to do a lot of works. Use charcoal to pledge clay and gangue are van raw material for example, what play contains carbon among them (the action of C) , use carbon to heat up reductive nitrogen to change a way, preparation cheap B-Sialon; Use aluminous alumina and magnesia to synthesize magnesian A Long (Mg AlON) ; Make gangue Molaishi with simple method even (3Al2O3 · 2SiO2) . What be worth to put forward particularly is, use the nitrogen that makes oxygen discard, use show fast combustion to often pressed fast synthesis legal system to have cheap nitrogen changes silicon (Si3N4) , its cost has commonly used technology only (include to spread oneself craft) a few, make must be regarded as valuable data to be able to apply in fireproof data industry before, finished products already sold as far as to ten countries such as beautiful, day, Han. These achievement not only it is to improve the creativity technology with resource price and friendly environment substantially, and show the system of blame oxide raw material that has Chinese distinguishing feature already was in work up, we already can be blame oxide and oxide system of compound and fireproof data is offerred enough and cheap raw material, laid the foundation that latter-day and fireproof material develops in our country.
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