The application of siliceous calcic goods
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Siliceous calcic insulation material is in order to oxidize silicon (quartz arenaceous pink, diatomite) , oxidation is calcic (broken bits of lime of useful also disappear, calcium carbide) and enhance fiber (wait like asbestine, fibre glass) for main raw material, course agitate, heat, gel, shape, evaporate pressing is sclerotic, dry a kind of when wait for working procedure to be made new-style insulation material.

1. Manufacturing technology

Lime adds water clear up, after filtering through 3 mesh, put the bucket that put a thick liquid, use slop pump to carry to mix inside mixture bucket diatomite, water glass, asbestine (or other staple) reach water to undertake mixture agitate together, send gel bucket to undertake heating with the thick mucus fluid after pump will mix next gel, send to among all fluid store groove, send toward pressurization of oil pressure machine to shape respectively again, the wet goods after shaping presses boiler evaporate to press sclerosis into evaporate, send to drying oven again next dry dehydrate, via sampling qualitative check epigenesis tastes put in storage. Whole technological process can generalize ground cent to be: Lime clear up, mixture burden, heat gel, pressurization shapes, a few measure such as evaporate pressing sclerosis and dry dehydrate. Of siliceous calcic goods shape craft cent is pouring shape with suppress. Pouring shape, the mould is simpler, manufacturing cost is inferior, but the goods after evaporate is raised must pass plastic level, still have structural degree of tightness not all, the phenomenon with misshapen appearance; Suppress shapes, need to have the pattern with appropriative compressor and high cost, but appearance of the goods after evaporate is raised is complete, the structure is even.

2. Relevant specification

GB/T10699-1998 " siliceous calcic adiabatic goods " the technology that the standard provides asks to have: Exterior quality, density, quality contains wet rate, compressive strength, fight fold intensity, coefficient of thermal conductivity (average temperature is 100 ℃ , 200 ℃ , 300 ℃ , 400 ℃ , 500 ℃ , 600 ℃ , take the 3 ~ inside working temperature limits normally 5 temperature are nodded) , highest use temperature (include shrinkage of temperature of experiment of divide evenly lukewarm calcination, line, interstitial, odd compressive strength) , burning behavior, caustic lead with abhor water.

3. Phyletic

① has calcium of asbestine silicon acid. Serve as the siliceous calcium that enhances fiber to be made with asbestos fiber.

② does not have calcium of asbestine silicon acid. A kind of silicon acid that replaces asbestos fiber to be made with alkali resistance fibre glass is calcic. Without asbestine silicon acid calcium is on the main function such as thermal conductance, mechanical intensity and line systole, all rise somewhat than having calcium of asbestine silicon acid. Especially the improvement of mechanical intensity and brittleness, be helpful for engineering construction installation and loss reduce.
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