The colloid price in Peng embellish earth
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After Peng embellish earth and water mix in proportion, add right amount magnesian, make its condense the bulk of formation gel, call colloid value. The milliliter number of the gel bulk that with 15 grams appearance forms shows. Grain of colloid price indication sample is dispersive with to hydrate degree, it is dispersive sex, hydrophily and expansile integrated expression, of its size and mine of Peng embellish land belong to model closely related to the unconscious content that take off stone, the colloid price that sodium radical compares earth of embellish of calcium radical, acidity Peng is high, same belong to model Peng embellish earth, contain cheat Shi Yu much, colloid price heals tall. So, colloid price is ore of earth of appraisal Peng embellish belong to model with appraisal Peng embellish one of technical index of earthy quantity.

(One) the main instrument and reagent L, graduate that take a place of strategic importance (100 milliliter, the diameter makes an appointment with 25 millimeter) 2, magnesian (light outfit of qualitative, box, factory of Shanghai chemical raw material is produced)

(2) operation measure L, say to take 15. 00 grams sample at already was being joined 50, inside the graduate taking a place of strategic importance of the 100 milliliter of 60 milliliter water, add water to 90 milliliter left and right sides again. 2, the lid tightens plug, shake the left and right sides 5 minutes, make sample sufficient and diffuse mix even with water, naked eye observation is in in brightness, without apparent grain conglomeration can. If did not disperse good, continue to shake to all and diffuse till. 3, open spigot, join 1. 00 grams are magnesian, add water to 100 milliliter place, again the plug on the lid, shake 3 minutes. 4, on the mesa that puts graduate park not to suffer vibration, quiet place 24 hours, numerate the scale value of gel interface, it is colloid price namely, with milliliter / 15 grams earth expresses.

(3) discussion L, magnesian in air, absorb carbon dioxide easily and deteriorate, reason should save Yu Mi to shut bottle or inside desiccator. 2, it is to make sample sufficient and diffuse joltily, mix even with water. Use handiwork or other operation no matter, all should making sample sufficient in water is crucial very dispersedly. 3, the Peng embellish earth of function of certain tall colloid, 3 gram ground test piece (add magnesian 0.2 grams) can achieve be close to 100 milliliter, the × of graduate scale reading that the colloid price of this kind of ground test piece is 3 gram ground test piece 5.