Introduce related carborundum fibrous
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It is filature of raw material classics, carbonization or gas phase with organic silicon compound deposit and make so that have β - the inorganic fiber of carborundum structure, belong to fiber of pottery and porcelain kind. From configuration cent has brilliant beard and successive thread two kinds. Brilliant must be a kind of single crystal, the brilliant of carborundum needs a diameter to be 0.1 ~ 2m commonly, length is 20 ~ 300m, the exterior is pulverous shape. Successive fiber is carborundum bag Fu the successive silk that go up in the core silk such as tungsten filament or carbon fiber and forms or filature and heat are solved and get pure carborundum filament. Successive silk 1973 by go into operation of American A Fuke company, filament built trial production plant by Japanese carbon company 1980, productivity already amounted to 24t 1985, a manufacturing brilliant beard such as company of chemistry of American dust Ke Sen and company of element of carbon of Japanese the East China Sea, year of productivity of company of element of carbon of the East China Sea for 24t.

Highest use temperature amounts to carborundum fibrous 1200 ℃ , its hear resistance and be able to bear or endure oxidisability all excel carbon fiber, intensity amounts to 1960 ~ 4410MPa, below highest use temperature intensity maintains rate in 80 % above, modular quantity is 176.4 ~ 294GPa, chemical stability it may not be a bad idea.

The production process of carborundum filament is to will get together silicon alkyl is in 400 ℃ above, produce hot dislocation to react, make on side catenary methylic the form with methylene, guide advocate the silicon of catenary - between silicon, form get together carbolic silicon alkyl, make fiber through doing law filature or fuse-element filature next. Receive to prevent fiber to produce melt to stick in carbonization process, beard preexistence is inferior temperature dirty is not fused processing. Not fused fiber heats in vacuum or inert gase to 1200 ~ 1500 ℃ , of side catenary methylic at the same time with hydrogen emergence hind leaves silicon only - framework composition of carbon, form β - the fiber of carborundum structure. Undertake size processing and colonies winding finally. The sort of size agent inspects final utility and decide, use at increasing plastic when size agent can choose epoxy resin, when enhancing metal and pottery and porcelain, ask to fall to drop size agent pyrolysis in inferior temperature further.

Carborundum fiber basically uses as high temperature resistant material and enhance material, high temperature resistant material includes to heat up screen material, high temperature resistant conveyer belt, filter the filter cloth of high temperature gas or melt metal. With do when enhancing material, constant as operable as carbon fiber or fibre glass, in order to enhance a metal (like aluminium) give priority to with pottery and porcelain, the brake that is like make it jet aircraft piece, engine lamina, land gear case and airframe construction material, usable still make a sporting goods, its are short cut fiber to be able to be used do material of high temperature furnace to wait.
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