Decide the matter that diameter water mouth damages
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Mouth of the water that decide way damages the reason basically has:
(1) decides way of enlarge of diameter water mouth
Mouth of the water that decide way basically is used at intermediate bag not to have club of a place of strategic importance pouring. Pouring speed depends on the intermediate height that includes range of molten steel fluid and the aperture that decide diameter water mouth. In face of molten steel fluid constant condition falls, pouring speed depends on completely decide the bore diameter size of diameter water mouth. This shows, the requirement decides the aperture of diameter water mouth, in whole journey pouring in the process, must maintain travel of basic and changeless ability.
Because decide diameter water mouth,make with ZrSiO4 and ZrO2, siO2 is contained in water mouth, be in pouring when containing the steel with taller manganese to plant, the siliceous manganese that medium manganese meets steel make low melting point with the SiO2 in water mouth (MnO · SiO2) , be swept by molten steel, cause diameter of corrode caustic enlarge.
Because zirconium simple stuff is not easy,return agglomeration, add conduce agglomeration agent sometimes, also reduced water mouth so fight aggressivity, cause diameter of water mouth enlarge.
Moreover, if degree of water mouth agglomeration is bad, water mouth intensity is inferior, make erode and its are able to bear or endure erode the gender is reduced, make diameter of water mouth enlarge.
Settling way is a basis pouring steel is planted and pouring time, choose the mouth of the water that decide way of different zirconium content. 2 kinds for, of mouth of the water that decide way be able to bear or endure aggressivity and service life, basically depend on the zirconium content in mouth of the water that decide way. Zirconium content is higher, service life is longer.
(2) decides blast of diameter water mouth to crack
The cause that causes blast of mouth of the water that decide way to crack basically has the following:
1) water mouth is roast and undesirable.
Be affected with damp be affected with damp of 2) water mouth is done not have sufficient and dry.
The underlying factor of 3) water mouth causes. The ZrO2 with more stable CaO is contained in water mouth, be in firing in the process, the Si02 reaction in CaO and zirconium stone generates monocline zirconium and the glass that contain calcium, on the other hand, after the CaO in ZrO2 is captured, by original cubic zirconium change becomes monocline zirconium. The hot coefficient of expansion of monocline zirconium is very expensive, and warm up with cooling process in, heat expands the curve is abhorrent. Not only such, monocline zirconium is between 1100 ℃ of 1000 ~ change becomes all directions zirconium, accompany have bigger bulk change, make easily goods craze.
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